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Apr 7, 2015 

Mayor Sebourn's Update on Water Conservation

For the first time in California history, the Governor has called for mandatory water reductions in cities and towns across California.  As widely reported – the Governor is asking for all citizens, businesses, and agencies to reduce water use by 25 percent.

Here in Fullerton, water use is down 10% from 2013 levels. While that represents a significant effort, to achieve an additional 15% to reach the 25% reduction, the Council will be considering options, and will give policy direction to staff in regards to the City’s own water use – primarily for our many parks and sports fields. 

In anticipation of these new reductions, we can expect increased restrictions on watering lawns and landscape, limit outdoor watering for parks, golf courses, schools and cemeteries, no daytime watering, no watering of street medians, among other requirements.

The Governor’s proposal will be reviewed in early May by the State Water Board, and they will provide final approvals for a statewide drought response plan.  The City Council will consider recommendations after the State Water Board meeting, and will work with the community to achieve water saving in this protracted, and very serious, drought.

I want to thank the citizens of Fullerton for your efforts to date, and I know we will all pull together to respond to this situation.