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Fullerton Museum

Fullerton Museum

Welcome to the Fullerton Museum Center!
Home of the Leo Fender Gallery


The Fullerton Museum Center presents the best in multidisciplinary exhibitions and educational programs in the areas of history, science, art and humanities. The main goals of FMC are to present exhibitions and activities which stimulate dialogue, promote critical and creative thinking, and serve as vehicles to learn about ourselves and our world.

Forgotten Faces: The Comfort Women of World War II
Open to the public through November 1, 2015

They came from Indonesia, China, Korea, the Philippines and every region invaded by the Japanese Imperial Army in the dark years of 1932-1945. Women and girls from conquered nations were pressed into wartime service as so-called "Comfort Women" to meet the sexual needs of soldiers and officers of the Imperial Army in the field. Since the mid-1990s, survivors have shared their stories, and artists and filmmakers inspired by their ordeal have created stunning artwork in response. The exhibit will feature digital art, video, photography and paintings.

Six Strings as Canvas: Art Guitars from the Fender Custom Shop

Our new Fender exhibit tells an important story-how craftsmanship found its way in the context of the machine-age guitar building. The guitars in this exhibit show some of the Custom Shop's outstanding examples of Art Guitars.