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Can I get a copy of my home or business floor plan from the City?
Depending upon the age of your home or business, the City may have floor plans or construction drawings on file.

If the plans were prepared by an architect or contractor, you will be required to obtain their permission prior to copying the plans on file.

If your home was part of a tract development, your floor plan may be available on microfilm, depending upon when it was constructed.

Due to the volume of business we conduct, our staff cannot provide research services over the phone.  Please visit us in person during our business hours to view plan records.

If you want to review just the permits for your home or business, you may access those records here.

Can I pay with my credit card or ATM card?
Yes. The City of Fullerton accepts payment by VISA, MASTERCARD, or ATM card.
How do I get a permit and how much will it cost?
If a permit is required, it must be obtained by either a licensed contractor or by the property owner. Costs vary depending on the type and scope of work to be done.

On-line information is available for basic Residential fees and basic Commercial/Industrial fees.

I am interested in things I can do to make my home or business safer in an earthquake. What information is available?
The State of California has many helpful publications and plans available.  Visit their website here.
I want to construct a new building or an addition to an existing structure. How do I proceed?
Additions to or remodeling of your existing residence may be possible, but require the submission of detailed plans and obtaining permits before any construction can begin.

We recommend that you devise a concept plan and check with both the Planning and Building and Safety Divisions, prior to developing final plans, to ensure that what you wish to build is in compliance with applicable Zoning and Building Codes.

The information I’m looking for is not here. How can I contact the Building and Safety Division?
The Building and Safety Division can be reached at (714)738-6541.

Due to staff reductions, we may not be able to answer all incoming phone calls at peak hours.  Please leave a message and your call will be returned in a timely fashion.

What is the purpose of the Building and Safety Division and what services does it provide?
The Building and Safety Division includes Plan Check, Permit Services, and Inspection Services.

The Plan Check section reviews construction plans to ensure compliance with applicable building and safety codes. This section is also responsible for implementation of the City's earthquake building safety programs.

The Permit Services section is responsible for issuing construction permits and routing plans through the plan check process.

The Inspection Services section inspects construction projects at various stages to ensure field compliance with the approved plans.

What type of work requires a permit?
Please click here to link to our information page for a list of projects that require a building permit.
Where can I find Building Codes?
Building codes change over time.  Click here to download Fullerton's currently effective building codes.
Where can I look to see if a contractor is licensed in California?
The California Contractors State License Board web site will allow you to check a contractor license.
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