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Are all firefighters paramedics?
Not all firefighters are paramedics, although all firefighters are trained to the EMT II level. Each shift, there are two paramedics on each of the three paramedic engines throughout the city.
Are there regular office hours?
Administration and the Fire Prevention Division are on a coordinated schedule with City Hall. The offices are open from 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on alternating Fridays.
Are visitors in my home covered?
No. Only permanent residents of the household are covered.
Are you interested in a career in the fire service?
Interested individuals should realize that becoming a firefighter is not an easy task. Obtaining a position as an entry-level firefighter can take a commitment of 2-5 years preparing yourself as a qualified applicant. Requirements include but are not limited to:
  • Fire Science A.A. Degree
  • Fire Academy Graduate
  • Auxiliary Firefighter Programs
  • Community Service
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Physical Fitness
  • Good Judgment/Communication Skills
If you have a strong desire to serve the public in a challenging and rewarding profession contact the Santa Ana College Fire Technology Department at (714) 564-6100 or call a Fullerton Fire Station to discuss a career in the fire service.
Can I join the program after using your services and have the per call fee waived?
No. You must pay the per call fee. You may then join the program.
Does the subscription fee include the cost of the ambulance?
No. A separate company provides that service.
For what reasons are fire lanes granted?
Fire lanes may be granted if there is chronic parking in front of a fire hydrants and exit ways, or to deny parking access of an alley or street less than 20' wide.
How about smoke detectors?
A smoke detector must be installed in the hallway outside of bedrooms. In a 2-story house you must have two, one on each floor. It is recommended to place smoke detectors in bedrooms and living areas. However, they are not recommended for bathrooms and kitchens.
How do I test and maintain my smoke detector?
Test monthly by pushing the test button. If battery powered, change the battery at least once, preferably twice a year. An easy way to remember is, when you change your clock in April and October - change your battery.
How many and what kind of calls to you have each year?
The Fullerton Fire Department's call load increases from year to year. In the last budget year (July 1995 through June 1996), we recorded approximately 11,000 unit responses. The breakdown of the unit responses is:
  • 1,000 Fire
  • 5,100 Medical Aid
  • 300 Hazardous Situation (illegal dumping, hazardous spills)
  • 500 Other Emergencies (child locked in car, arcing wires)
  • 4,100 Service Calls (car lock-outs, water vacuum)
How many people are working each 24-hour shift?
There are a total of 25 personnel on 7 different engine and/or truck companies in 6 locations throughout the city. Each shift is managed by a Battalion Chief. There are an additional 12 personnel in Administration and the Fire Prevention Division
If I decide not to join the Paramedic Subscription Program, what is the per call fee?
$250 for Basic Life Support and $500 for Advanced Life Support.
If I have Medicare/Medi-Cal coverage am I covered?
No. Our services are not a benefit of their coverage plans.
If I join the program and move to another part of the city am I still covered?
Yes. You must notify the Fullerton Fire Department of your new address.
If I join the program and then move from Fullerton will my fee by refunded?
No. The fee is non-refundable.
If I miss the enrollment deadline, may I still join?
Yes. There is an additional $10 processing charge.
Should I have a fire extinguisher in my home or business?
For home use, a 2A10BC is recommended. In most cases, a size 2A10BC is also adequate for businesses. Commercial cooking facilities must have a size 40BC.
What are Carbon Monoxide Detectors?
Carbon Monoxide alarms are required by law for all dwellings.  Senate Bill 183 is designed to protect you from Carbon Monoxide gas.   When the detector activates, evacuate the house, open windows and doors, and contact the gas company or plumber to check gas appliances. Detectors are likely to go off in the winter months when houses are closed up and heaters are on. If your detector sounds an alarm and if anyone in the house has a headache, feels nauseous, or ill, call the fire department.
What do you do while waiting to respond to calls all day
The companies train in various areas of responsibility - from EMT and paramedic training to various rescue and incident command practices. The fire stations also provide tours to school and community groups. In cooperation with the Fire Prevention Division, each engine company is responsible for a certain number of annual fire safety inspections of businesses.
What is a Business Registration Application?
A Business registration application is a form used to submit the following information: the nature and description of business, the location of business, name, taxpayer identification number, residents address and any information as requested by federal or state taxing authorities. The application must be fully completed and returned to the Business Registration Division with the registration tax. Please contact the Business Registration Office at (714) 738-6531 for the applicable tax or visit the tax schedule at our website.
What is Administration's role?
Administration, which includes the office of the Fire Chief, is responsible for the overall coordination and direction of the department, including Operations/Training and the Fire Prevention Division. Additionally, Administration oversees the City's disaster preparedness plan.
What is Operations/Training's role?
Operations/Training is comprised of Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic personnel responsible for providing continuous service for fire control and suppression, rescue, and medical aid. Operations/Training also provides emergency response for controlling hazardous materials incidents. Operations/Training is currently responsible for providing: state and federally mandated training, ongoing continuing education related to hazardous materials, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and paramedic recertification. Additionally, the training function includes updating personnel in new technologies and methodologies to ensure preparedness for the broad range of situations to which the Fire Department responds.
What is the coverage period?
July 1 through June 30 of the following year. We do not prorate the fee.
What is the current annual subscription premium?
$42 per household. You are covered anywhere within the city limits.
What is the Fire Prevention Division's role?
The five Inspectors of the Fire Prevention Division conduct ongoing inspections for the purpose of life safety, reduction in property loss, and the enforcement of federal, state, and local fire regulations. The Fire Prevention Division is also responsible for determining fire cause and investigating suspicious fires. The Fire Prevention Division currently conducts inspections related to hazardous materials and underground storage tank regulations. Additionally, the Fire Prevention Division provides educational programs to inform the community in the areas of life safety and disaster preparedness.
What is the firefighter's work schedule like?
Firefighters provide emergency services protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in what is called "constant staffing."
What is the Fullerton Fire Department?
The Fullerton Fire Department provides a variety of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the City of Fullerton from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions. The department is composed of three budget programs: Administration, Operations/Training, and the Fire Prevention Division.
What is the paramedic subscription program? How do I enroll?
If the Fire Department responds to a medical aid call and medical service is rendered, you will be charged for paramedic service. The paramedic subscription program provides paramedic coverage for all members of your household for one year for a cost of $42. Fullerton businesses may also subscribe for a fee of $42 for every 10 employees or portion thereof. To enroll, please call (714) 738-6341.
Why do I sometimes see an Anaheim or Brea fire engine responding in Fullerton?
Fullerton is part of a mutual aid agreement with all Orange County fire agencies. If a Fullerton engine is busy on a call and a second call comes in, dispatch automatically finds the closest available engine. In many cases, it is closer to have an engine respond from a bordering jurisdiction than to call a Fullerton engine from across town.
Will my insurance cover the per call fee?
Insurance coverage varies. You need to check with your insurance company.
Will you bill my insurance company if I use your services?

Yes, provided all the necessary information is given to the billing agency.

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