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Toilet Rebate Program

Toilet Rebate Program

Fullerton residents may purchase their own Ultra-Low-Flush-Toilet (ULFT) or High Efficiency Toilet (HET) and receive a REBATE from the Orange County Water Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program.

Rebate Program Application
Installation Verification Program

List of approved fixtures:
Ultra-Low-Flush-Toilet (ULFT) - $50 Rebate
High Efficiency Toilet (HET) - $150 Rebate

MET received grant funding from DWR for High Efficiency Toilet (HET) retrofits. Effective immediately (and retroactive to July 1st) residents can receive an additional $100 rebate for retrofitting high water using toilets with HETs, thus increasing the total rebate available to up to $250 per HET. This additional $100 incentive is available only for the first 2,000 HETs. After the allocation of 2,000 has been exhausted, the rebate amount will revert to $150. Also...please note...in order for an HET to receive the $250 (or $150 once it reverts back) rebate, the HET MUST be on the list of approved HETs posted on the MWDOC website. Any HET which is submitted for rebate, but does not appear on the approved list, will be rebated at the ULFT rebate level of $50.

For REBATE information, call