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CSC Minutes September 13, 2004

CSC Minutes September 13, 2004

City Council Chamber
6:30 p.m.


Chair Miller called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


Commissioner Quirk led the flag salute.


Kathyrn Baier-Dalton, Virginia Han, George Miller, Sharon Quirk, Craig Russell, Nancy Spencer

Absent: Neil Swanson

Staff Present: Joe Felz, Acting Community Services Director; Community Services Managers Alice Loya, Randy McDaniel, and Grace Miranda; Landscape Superintendent Dan Sereno



ACTION ITEMS (Items 1 and 2)


    Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of August 9, 2004 was carried over to the next meeting because there was not a quorum of commissioners attending tonights meeting who were also at the August 9, 2004 meeting to vote approval of the minutes.


    Senior Analyst Alice Loya provided a verbal presentation regarding Mountain View Park. She gave a brief overview of the park, which is open to the public, and the home owners association (HOA) that was responsible for maintaining the park infrastructure. She noted that it is the only park that a HOA is responsible for maintaining, but is open to everyone. Hence, the HOA went to the City Council and requested an adjustment to its maintenance agreement. The Council approved that the HOA would give a portion of their maintenance responsibilities to the City which is now responsible for the utilities and the maintenance and replacement of the infrastructure. The HOA is still responsible for maintaining the irrigation and the landscaping.

    Analyst Loya stated that the second issue of setting park hours at Mountain View Park came up at a Council meeting where homeowners complained of noise, and some partying and drinking late at night. She said they would call the police department but because there were no established operating hours on the park nor signs posted, the police couldnt do anything.

    Noting that the options were being provided to accommodate people who want to enjoy the sunrise or sunset or to view the night sky light, Analyst Loya presented commissioners with two options for hours at the park to be selected and posted. The first option was open from dawn to one hour after dusk, and the second option was 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., or another time period the Commission preferred. She said that the ordinance allows staff to select the hours of the park; however, this was an opportunity for the Commission to get involved and to discuss any issues regarding a park being open until 9:00 or so.

    Analyst Loya was asked how to identify dusk. She said dusk was the period right after sunset, agreeing that dusk would be difficult to identify as opposed to setting a specific time which is why the option of the specific time period was given. A commissioner opined that a definite time would have less conflict than the dawn to dusk option. She also asked for details on the maintenance, and Analyst Loya said the City would take over the infrastructure and any needed replacements such as park benches and monument signs. The City will also manage the utilities water, trash, and electrical. The HOA will manage landscape maintenance and irrigation maintenance. When asked, Analyst Loya said the HOA informed members that their HOA fees should go down a little due to the change in the agreement, and that the change in agreement had more to do with concerns regarding long-term liability.

    Chair Miller asked for any other comments, and a commissioner responded that he didnt care which decision was made, but that Mountain View Park had been a thornin this entire Commissions side for a long time. He said that it bothered him that the important decision on readjusting maintenance gets decided [by Council] and they are given a menial task similar to the menial task given to name the park, and they didnt even use the Commissions suggested name. Analyst Loya said Development Services handled the maintenance issue at the park and it didnt come to Community Services. The commissioner asked, if the issue was a park, why the Commission wasnt involved. Analyst Loya said she didnt know why Development Services didnt involve the Commission, but said the issue did go through the Planning Commission.

    Commissioners asked if Council would have to approve the Commissions decision on the park hours and if staff had a preference; Analyst Loya said no. A commissioner stated she could go either way but that she preferred dawn to dusk by a hair, or one hour after dusk or 10:00 whichever comes first because of the seasonal changes in lighting.

    Commissioner Dalton MOTIONED to establish park hours from dawn to one hour after dusk or 10:00, whichever is the later of the two. Commissioner Quirk SECONDED the MOTION.

    AYES: Baier-Dalton, Han, Miller, Quirk, Russell, Spencer
    NOES: None
    NOT PRESENT: Swanson

    INFORMATION ITEMS (Item 3 - 8)

    The MOTION carried unanimously.


    Analyst Loya provided a brief review of the commercial marketing event held by Juan Salas at Adlena Park on July 31, 2004 which was brought before the Commission in June 2004. She stated that the carnival-like picnic was well-run, with no incidents. There were two City representatives in attendance, and people were happy although the realtor had hoped for the more than the estimated 300 neighbors who attended. Analyst Loya concluded that there were probably not going to be very many of this type of event because the advertising restrictions were very tight.

    A commissioner asked about the City staff involvement. Analyst Loya answered that one staff was at the park from set up to tear down and that a retired senior volunteer police officer assisting the staff during the actual event as did volunteers from the permittees church. Analyst Loya also clarified that the permittee paid for the staffs hours.


    Park Projects Manager Randy McDaniel made a verbal presentation to update the Commission on the status of a proposed regional dog park which is being facilitated by the City of Brea. He said that Brea would like to get the backing of the North Orange County cities, noting that the proposal made sense to him. Manager McDaniel said that Brea would draft a letter to be sent to all North Orange County city councils to get their support; the letter would then be forwarded to Supervisors Norby and Campbell.

    Commissioner Dalton said that, having dealt with this several times in the past, she wanted to go on record to say she thought it was a great idea to put this issue on the regional level.


    Acting Director Joe Felz provided an update on the status of commission and board organization at the Council level. He said he spoke with the City Clerk who will present the issue to the City Council on September 21st with her recommendations. The recommendations include that the City Clerk oversee the process whereby each commissioner will have a Council member appointed to them at random and assigned to Council members through a drawing, with two members assigned at-large representing the community. Acting Director Felz wasnt sure what would ensue after that, but felt that there would be a lot of discussion at the Council level. He said the Clerk believed this recommendation would pass, and that she would probably be at the next Commission meeting.

    When asked by a commissioner, Acting Director Felz said his understanding was that the selection of commissioners for each council member would be random. He also clarified that the Council would vote on this at the September 21 Council meeting, and that notification regarding this would be through the regular meeting notification process. Another commissioner asked about a complex Power Point presentation at Council that presented various scenarios but was not available in print, and how the community is supposed to know about it. Acting Director Felz said information would be provided to the public through the notification for the council meeting on the 21st. He said anything discussed at the meeting is a matter of public record but he did not know whether the presentation was available, but would find that information. He said there will be an ad hoc committee that will review the applicants, resulting in a pool of applicants, much like a personnel process. Asked how the Clerk came up with the recommendations, Acting Director Felz said the Clerk is making a staff recommendation and has a tremendous amount of experience managing this in other cities; thus, he would guess that she is balancing this professional experience with what the Council is asking for.

    Another commissioner suggested that the Council was pretty specific at the last meeting about the underlying commission structure and that the Clerk is probably just tweaking the details. However, she agreed that there were details that werent worked out at the Council meeting and she wasnt sure how it would all work out. Acting Director Felz said there is the past information provided and the Clerks agenda material that will have to be detailed. He reiterated that the Clerk had a great deal of experience in the public process.

    A commissioner asked about the ad hoc committee, where it comes from, and how it is comprised. Acting Director Felz said the committee would be appointed by the Council but didnt know what the makeup of it would be. When asked why there is a rush to conduct the selection at the October Commission meeting when elections are in November, he said he couldnt answer that, but that it could be tabled; however, the City Clerk is trying to move it forward in a timely manner as required unless otherwise instructed.

    A commissioner asked about a summer overview with the Council that had happened twice in previous summers. Acting Director Felz said this was not held and staff concurred that there had been no discussion regarding this. He guessed that perhaps the State budget problems might have driven the agenda with little time or energy to deal with some other issues. However, he felt the meetings would probably resume as he had heard nothing but positive feedback about the outcomes.


    Acting Director Joe Felz noted that Community Services Director Susan Hunt had resigned, and that an interim director, Ron Molendyk, would be taking the helm tomorrow, September 14. He provided a brief overview of Mr. Molendyks background and experience which included community services and redevelopment director and city manager for a number of cities. He noted that Mr. Molendyk is expected to remain in the position for four to six months which was fairly traditional for this kind of transition period.

    When asked, Acting Director Felz described the recruitment process for the new director, saying that the City generally handles its own recruitment, advertising in the western region. He said there are several approaches for hiring directors, however, typically, panels representing a variety of groups would pare down the candidates to a smaller group. Or, there may be a large community forum where candidates are asked questions. Most likely, the remaining candidates would then go through the City Manager or possibly a Council representative. Asked if the Commission gets involved; Joe noted that during Susan Hunts hiring, the Commission was involved. There was a request that the Commission would be involved. The Chair agreed to write a letter to the City Manager requesting that the Commission be advised regarding the hiring process and that it be involved in the process. Acting Director Felz said they are looking forward to Mr. Molendyks arrival, and that he would be attending the October meeting.


    Community Services Manager Grace Miranda distributed the new fall Community Services newsletters and provided a verbal presentation. She outlined the costs of designing, printing, and distributing the brochure to 50,000 residents and non-residents, noting that they also receive income from ads for events or programs such as Fullerton College, Fullerphone and Muckenthaler. The total cost is about $15,000 or 26 to 28 cents per newsletter.

    A commissioner asked about the Amerige Heights Center coming in 2005 noted on the front cover and how the community center will be programmed. Manager Miranda deferred to Park Projects Manager McDaniel who said the 8,000 s.f. facility will be self-sustaining by fee-for-service programs with staff members, maintenance, etc. to be covered by this. He noted that Grace has been involved, and that the Department has hired a consultant to program the facility. He agreed that the current plan is not to take staff from current centers to staff the new Center, and thought it would be very feasible to support the program through weddings and other services. While the Center could be used for contract classes, they would be limited and second priority; first priority would be generating income.

    Another commissioner said his daughter participated in the Hillcrest Summer Camp along with some of her friends, and that she loved the camp. He said that Hillcrest has turned out to be really, really nice, a pleasant surprise with the new parking, Terrace, and attentive staff. He also noted and appreciated that the sports leagues were listed in a good spot in the newsletter.


    The Landscape Division Monthly Report for August 2004 was received and filed. Landscape Superintendent Dan Sereno opened the meeting to questions and comments from the commissioners. He was asked about two or three pine trees near the bowl area of Hillcrest Park close to Brea Boulevard which were not doing well, and when they are inspected. Superintendent Sereno said his staff are out there weekly; however, in terms of evaluating trees, he would need to send inspectors. He noted that there is one pine bark beetle, the ips beetle, that is attacking pine trees so it is possible that the trees have the beetle. He said there is no treatment for the beetle other than removing the trees, but he would look into it.


    There were no questions or comments regarding Council agenda items.


    Chair Miller asked when Maintenance would be involved at the Bastanchury Sports Complex. Landscape Superintendent Dan Sereno said he has already been involved in project site meetings with the contractor, but then deferred to Park Projects Manager Randy McDaniel to provide a timeline. Chair Miller said the Sports Complex looks the same all the time. Manager McDaniel agreed, saying that the developers, LSF and SunCal didnt have the motivation to complete the project; therefore, the agreement is now being amended to require a completion date of February 2005.

    Chair Miller asked anyone for comments on Old Bob, the alligator snapping turtle. Manager McDaniel provided an update with photos, noting the local and even international media coverage surrounding his discovery at Laguna Lake. He said the Fish and Game Department wont allow non-native species in the lake, thus, Bob is now under the California Tortoise and Turtle Clubs care. Initially, the Club was planning to send it back East, but with the great local interest, they may want to keep Bob here as an educational tool. Regarding a local viewing, the Museum Plaza or the Arboretum are possible venues.

    Commissioner Russell asked about the Commissions previous request for an update on the pool at the August meeting, noting that no information had been provided. Acting Director Felz apologized, saying he was not aware of the request for the agenda. However, he said that it was moving forward, and that there was a negotiating team led by the City Attorneys office that was finalizing the agreement, which would probably go to Council in October. He said he would also check with the City Manager to see what information could be mailed to them.

    Commissioner Russell stated that the Commission would like the information provided prior to the Council taking action, and requested that an informed person come to provide an update at the October meeting so that feedback could be given.

    Commissioner Quirk noted the letter she received regarding the Muckenthaler neighborhood forum on September 14th, saying that it arrived just a few days ago, not allowing for good public input. She also said the community should be concerned about Colettes Catering, just like the F.A.S.T. swim team, a private enterprise on public property. Acting Director Felz noted that the issue came up a couple of months ago, without Commission or staff input, and pointed out that Muckenthaler issues in the past were dealt directly through the City Council. He went over the proposal process which he said is considered a development issue with community mailings, public comment, and planning commission input provided prior to Council decisions. Apologizing for the late notice on the community meeting, Acting Director Felz said he was considering the Commissions notification more in terms of the major meeting planned in a few weeks. He said the previous notification was more for the surrounding neighbors who have all been notified and would be at tomorrow evenings meeting. Commissioner Quirk said she was glad to hear that it was just the beginning of the process.

    Commissioner Quirk suggested that a question to ask is if Collettes went through a bidding process. Commissioner Dalton asked if the plan included a permanent kitchen at the Muckenthaler; Joe agreed and said the plan includes a 5,000+ s.f. building with kitchen with Collettes operating a full-time private business. He said the funding would not be from the public, and that it would be through Collettes and the Muckenthaler Cultural Center Foundation.

    The meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m. but then reconvened to allow for a public speaker.

    Beverly Wiedner, 401 Elmhurst Place, spoke regarding Concerts in the Park. She said she made an appeal on behalf of herself and the neighbors regarding the noise at a City Council meeting. The Council directed them to Chris, who then referred them to Community Services Manager Joe Felz. She said the decibel readings were too high, and felt the City ignores them. She asked the Commission if there was anything it could do to assist her. Chair Miller said because this was not on the agenda, but public comment, they could not act on anything; Ms. Wiedner acknowledged this. Chair Miller thanked her for her comments and encouraged her to continue her efforts.

    The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 p.m.