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Regular Meeting

City Council Chamber

Monday, January 8, 2007

6:30 p.m.





Acting Chairman Commissioner Swanson called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.




Commissioner Shanfield led the flag salute




Present:  Kathleen Dasney, Kathleen Shanfield, Nancy Spencer, Neil Swanson


Absent:  Craig Russell, Kathleen Dalton


Staff:   Acting Parks and Recreation Director Grace Carroll Lowe;

Parks and Recreation Managers Dave Alkema, Alice Loya, Dannielle Mauk and Judy Peterson; Landscape Superintendent Dennis Quilivan.


CONSENT ITEMS (Items 1 - 3)




Acting Chairman Swanson asked if any one has any additions or changes to the minutes.   Commissioner Dasney MADE A MOTION that the minutes be approved and Commissioner Spencer SECONDED THE MOTION to approve the Minutes of the November 11, 2006 regular meeting. 

Chair Swanson called for the vote


AYES:         Dasney, Shanfield, Spencer, Swanson

NOES:        None

ABSENT:    Dalton,  Russell




Commissioner Dasney had an additional question on the Consent Items, stating she would like to ask Dennis Quinlivan representing Maintenance, including both the Facilities and Landscape Division, requested a report on the locker room situation at Independence Park improvements being made there. Landscape Superintendent Dennis Quinlivan indicated he would provide a status report at the next meeting.  Parks and Recreation Manager, Judy Peterson indicated the project really belonged to Parks and Recreation and they would be able to provide an update.  Commissioner Dasney accepted and also indicated a needed update on the air conditioning at the Museum, requesting a status report on both of those.


Commissioner Spencer made an inquiry about the maintenance report, requesting the number of trees planted and trimmed for the fiscal year, appears really deficient.  When is that going to be made up?  Landscape Superintendent Dennis Quinlivan stated he has 2 zones completed on tree inventory, WCA started on 12/18/06 and I have a document that indicates within 2 zones 420 vacant sites so we can start out to plant those.


Commissioner Spencer questioned Skyline Park trees.  Superintendent Ouinlivan stated we lost two trees there and currently reviewing possible problems, may be an issue with the soil.  We can do soil analysis and evaluate.


Vote of Consent Items approved.


Chairman Swanson requested a motion to approve the Consent Items

Commissioner Dasney MADE A MOTION TO APPROVE the Consent Items and Commissioner Spencer SECONDED THE MOTION to approve the Consent Calendar items.




AYES:         Dasney, Shanfield, Spencer, Swanson

NOES:        None

ABSENT:    Dalton, Russell


The MOTION PASSED.  Chair Swanson stated the Consent Items have been approved.




Manager Alice Loya introduced Larry Bennett and Kevin McCarthy from the Kiwanis for an update on the improvements at Kiwanis Youth Park Richman Park project, which the Commission approved in October 2005. 


Ø      Kevin McCarthy addressed Plans and Financial Details for the Fullerton Kiwanis Youth Park.

Ø      Larry Bennett presented plans approved by Council and City staff. 

Ø      19 Correction Items Requested

Ø      16 Items Corrected, 3 Remaining

Ø      Resubmitting Enhanced Plan Package within 2 weeks


Commissioner Dasney questioned use of storage trailers.


Ø      Larry Bennett indicated it has not been addressed in this plan, but landscaping could be reviewed.  For safety issues prefer open areas at least in this area of the park.

Ø      Fencing and Security Issues Reviewed

Ø      ADA Compliance Issues Reviewed

Ø      Final Submittal by Month End

Ø      Building Permit Issued within the 6 Month Time Frame


Commissioner Dasney, stated that it is her understanding is the landscaping division will not be responsible for maintenance of the property.


Ø      Maintenance Responsibility of Kiwanis

Ø      Maintain Existing Playground Equipment


Handout to Commissioners and Staff


Ø      Financial Statement:

Foundation Grant received from Kiwanis International          $   5,000

Phillips Foundation Grant                                                                 20,000

Carpenter’s Union with labor and materials                                   50,000

Kiwanis Charity Golf Tournament                                                    20,000

Private Donations                                                                               5,000

Current Balance                                                                           $100,000           


Ø      Concrete Pavers Funding Raising Project - $125.00/per paver

The size of a brick with any type of inscription.


Ø      Monument Sign - $5,000/per sign

Concrete sign with the heading Fullerton Parks and Recreation

            Kiwanis Youth Park and the various individuals or companies

            Commission has been against commercializing our parks.

            City Manager has a policy for accepting donations and naming parks; staff     indicated we do not use permanent signs for sponsors, this would have to            go to Council.


Ø      City Ordinance for building signs/Permit Process


Ø      City Policy regulating signs on the sides of building.


Chairman Swanson asked if there are any questions from the Commissioners.


Commissioner Shanfield congratulated the Kiwanis on a good presentation.  It sounds like the Kiwanis are doing a fantastic job and should be commended.


Commissioner Spencer commended the work put in and plans presented.


Kevin McCarthy thanked the Commission for their support and vote for the project.


Chairman Swanson asked for any public comments






Chairman Swanson stated staff will make a presentation, commissioners will ask questions and then open to the public.


Ø      Proposal by Manager Dave Alkema is a concept plan to install the City’s first dog park


Ø      Commissioner Dasney requested Library Board of Trustees’ approval.


Ø      Chairman Swanson requested pictures from the packet.


Ø      Manager Dave Alkema stated that this would be probationary temporary facility.


Ø      Commissioners Spencer and Shanfield questioned liability issues.


Ø      Commissioner Dasney addressed possible parking issues.


Ø      Chairman Swanson stated the Dog Park would be on City property on a trial basis.


Questions from the commissioners at this time.






The following residents were in favor of a Dog Park for the City of Fullerton:


Carolyn Eckert,  864 West Glenwood Circle.

Karen Platow-Jergens, 1444 Grissom Park Drive.



Ø      Joann Hardy, acting Library Director, requested staff attendance at Library Commission  Board of Trustee on January 25th board meeting.


Ø      Manager Dave Alkema confirmed he will attend Library Board Meeting on January 25th.


Ø      Notification sent to residents





Commissioner Dasney MADE A MOTION that the Commission support the proposal for a dog park on a trial basis.  Since the proposal clearly meets a need in the community and there is no major opposition to it coming from the citizens at large, or the neighborhood particular.


Chairman Swanson requested a motion to table this item, subject to presentation to the Library Board to clarify location.


Commissioner Dasney suggested approving the plan in concept, contingent upon Library Board endorsement of the proposal.


Chairman Swanson stated the motion would be acceptable.


Commissioner Dasney MADE A REVISED MOTION that the Commission support the proposal for a dog park on a trial basis with the stipulation that provision be made to evaluate the project in six to twelve months.


Chairman Swanson asked for a second.


Commissioner Shanfield Seconded the Motion.


All in favor





AYES:        Dasney, Shanfield, Spencer, Swanson

NOES:       None

ABSENT:   Dalton, Russell


Chairman Swanson stated the temporary proviso has been approved.







Acting Director Grace Carroll Lowe reported the First Night Event went really well, estimated attendance was about 20,000.


Manager Dannielle Mauk stated that the last two years, it rained all day and we got a good crowd, 12,000 to 15,000.  The highest ticket sells for the kids rides and long lines for the rides.


Acting Director Lowe reported that the newsletter is out.  Also a personnel update that Ashley Glass has been appointed to events specialist under Manager Danielle Mauk.  She is taking Stacy Michalak’s position, as Stacy accepted a position with the City of Anaheim.


Manager Mauk indicated that Stacy and Ashley have basically shared this position, so we are really happy to have Ashley aboard for this position.  She is really positive and a hard worker.


Acting Director Lowe continued that the Museum exhibit opening on January 27th, 10 am to 1 pm and that is Hatching the Past, a dino exhibit.  It will be great for the schools and on Saturday a pancake breakfast for the kids.


Manager Mauk stated the Stroller Brigade is in the mornings, the preschoolers, nannies or mommy and me groups will come and we will help do activities with the kids, so they can share the experience of the exhibit, before the general public is there.


Manager Peterson gave an update on the locker rooms at Impendence Park are not completely done.  The flooring has been removed 3 times, as there is water pooling problems.  Other issues on the original punch list have been completed.  Air conditioning is being put in the locker rooms that were deleted from the original project but it is not going to be acceptable for the summer not to have air conditioning for the locker rooms.  There are air flow problems which air conditioning will correct.  A mechanical engineer is preparing drawing for this and it should be in place before summer.  The main outstanding issues are the floor slope and draining issues.


Manager Mauk stated that equipment is missing for the air conditioning system and this is being corrected.  They have gone into 29 days of being fined at $250.00 per day; the equipment should be here January 11th, (after that they have indicated within a week) which should include the punch list items.  The important part is to get the circulation going within the building and this should be completed by the end of January, with the exception of the punch list.


Commissioner Dasney directed a question to the managers regarding the number of port-a-potties that we have at parks and who is responsible in maintaining these.  There has been graffiti at the Rolling Hills Park port-a-potties.  They don’t look good, how many do we have and what’s the projection?


Acting Director Lowe replied that O. H. Casey is responsible for most of the port-a-potties; we have less than 20.  Various incidents, graffiti, cleaning, dumped over and set on fire.  The park rangers are informed better and respond quickly when there are issues regarding them.


Commissioner Dasney was wondering about the status of commissioner vacancies.


Acting Director Lowe stated that Director Molendyk thought that a new parks and recreation commissioner would be appointed by Council by the first meeting in February.  Staff inquired with the Clerk‘s office regarding this, and that is not the case as of today.


Commissioner Spencer asked if the commissioner whose terms have ended stay on until this takes place?


Acting Director Lowe replied that is her understanding.


Commissioner Shanfield stated that the process is being changed and the applicant review committee is recommending direct appointment.  They may be waiting for that process to be completed before starting the process for new appointments.


Chairman Swanson stated several terms have expired for the commissioners of Parks and Recreation.


Acting Director Lowe stated she will provide an update regarding this issue.


Chairman Swanson asked if there were any questions regarding REPORT ON CITY COUNCIL AGENDA ITEMS or any additional Commissioner comments.


No remarks or comments.


Chairman Swanson stated there are no comments and called the meeting adjourned at 8:32 pm.


Respectfully submitted,





Grace Carroll Lowe

Acting Parks and Recreation Director


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