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CSC Minutes May 13, 2002

CSC Minutes May 13, 2002

Regular Meeting
City Council Chamber
6:30 p.m.

Public comment will be allowed on items on this agenda at the time each item is considered.

Persons addressing the Commission shall be limited to 5 minutes unless an extension of time is granted by the Chairman, subject to approval of the Commission. When any group of persons wishes to address the Commission, it shall be proper for the Chairman to request that a spokesman be chosen to represent the group.

Public comments will also be allowed on items NOT on the agenda, but within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission, prior to approval of the minutes, and will be limited to thirty minutes and not to exceed five minutes per person. No one will be heard twice. Any public comments not received at the beginning of the session may be heard at the end of the session. NO action may be taken on off-agenda items, except as provided by law.

Chair Dalton called the meeting to order at 6:31 p.m.
The flag salute was led by Chair Dalton.

Present: Miller, Spencer, Hewett, Han, Swanson, Dalton, Russell

Susan Hunt, Director
Alice Loya, Sr. Administrative Analyst
Grace Miranda, Manager
Judy Peterson, Manager
Joe Felz, Manager
Pat Trotter, Manager
Dan Sereno, Landscape Superintendent
Stacy Michalak, Center Administrator
Leslie Johnson, Tiny Tots Teacher II
Oralle DOrsi, Tiny Tots Teacher I
Joan Helms, Excursion Coordinator
Joe De Asis, Customer Service Representative
Carol Whitaker, Brochure Coordinator

Commissioners Comments:
There were no Commissioner comments.


  1. *Minutes

    Recommendation to approve the Minutes of the April 9, 2002 regular meeting.

  2. 2001-02 & 2002-03 Proposed City Budget for the City of Fullerton

    Chris Meyer, Director of Administrative Services, will present the proposed City budget for 2001-02 & 2002-03.

  3. *2001-02 & 2002-03 Proposed Budget for the Community Services Department

    Review proposed budget for the Community Services Department with the Commission and request recommendation for approval to the City Council.

  4. *Resource Management/Capital Improvement Project

    Review and recommend that the Commission recommend approval by the City Council of the Proposed Two-Year Budget.

  5. *2001-02 Proposed Fee Resolution

    Review proposed 2001-02 Fee Resolution for services and programs administered by the Community Services Department.

  6. *Master Street Tree Plan

    Approve the Master Street Tree Plan and recommend its adoption to the City Council.

  7. Change of Date for the June Commission Meeting

    Due to the City Council Budget Hearings that will be held on June 11-12, the June Commission meeting will need to be re-scheduled. The proposed date is June 18 at 6:30 p.m.


  1. *Landscape Division Monthly Maintenance Report

    Receive and file report from the Landscape Division regarding activity within that division.

  2. *Building and Facilities Division Monthly Maintenance Report

    Receive and file report from the Building and Facilities Division regarding activity within that division.

  3. Report on City Council Agenda Items
    • Lemon Park Improvements
    • Richman Park - Phase 2
    • L.E.A.D. Recognition
    • Swim Fee Increase
  4. Commissioner Comments

*Written Material Attached