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CSC Minutes March 11, 2002

CSC Minutes March 11, 2002

Regular Meeting
Fullerton Main Library Meeting Room - Side Entrance
Monday, March 11, 2002
6:30 p.m.

Public comment will be allowed on items on this agenda at the time each item is considered.

Persons addressing the Commission shall be limited to 5 minutes unless an extension of time is granted by the Chairman, subject to approval of the Commission. When any group of persons wishes to address the Commission, it shall be proper for the Chairman to request that a spokesman be chosen to represent the group.

Public comments will also be allowed on items NOT on the agenda, but within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission, prior to approval of the minutes, and will be limited to thirty minutes and not to exceed five minutes per person. No one will be heard twice. Any public comments not received at the beginning of the session may be heard at the end of the session. NO action may be taken on off-agenda items, except as provided by law.


The meeting was called to order at 6:39 p.m. by Chair Dalton.


The flag salute was led by Commissioner Russell.


Present: Miller, Swanson, Spencer, Dalton, Han, Hewett, Russell

Susan Hunt, Director
Judy Peterson, Manager
Randy McDaniel, Park Projects Specialist
Steve Williams, Landscape Maintenance Supervisor
Melissa Larkin, Recreation Program Assistant


There were no comments from the public.


  1. Minutes

    The Minutes were approved, with the following changes:

    Commissioner Russell wanted to be recognized as the Commissioner at the February 11, 2002 meeting who was not in favor forwarding Proposition 40 to the City Council (page 5 of the Minutes.)

    Chair Dalton noted a correction: she was the Chair in February, and she called the meeting to order on February 11, 2002.

    MOTION: Hewett
    SECONDED: Russell

    AYES: Miller, Swanson, Spencer, Dalton, Han, Hewett, Russell
    NOES: None

  2. Independence Park Locker Room & Shower Facility Renovation

    Park Projects Specialist McDaniel spoke to the Commission regarding this item, letting them know that the purpose of this item was to obtain the Community Services Commission's recommendation to the City Council to approve the renovation of the Independence Park locker room and shower facility. He showed Commission the location of the renovations to take place by using overheads and prints.

    Independence Park provides the City of Fullerton and its residents a wide array of recreation opportunities. Over 120,000 people use the park each year. Since opening in 1976, key park amenities have included a regional aquatic facility, a multi-purpose gymnasium building, a new skate park, and a large area of open parkland. In 1997, the Community Services Commission approved the Independence Park Master Plan, which identified remodeling the locker room/shower facility and constructing a snack bar, zero depth pool, rentable party rooms, a wave pool, and an amphitheater seating area. These improvements were identified in the first phase to renovate the deterioration which has developed over time, and to help modernize the twenty-five year old regional aquatics facility.

    The existing infrastructure needs to be improved to support the existing aquatics facility, and to plan for future improvements. The 7,600 square foot, twenty-five year old locker room, shower, and staff facility has deteriorated over time, does not meet code, and needs to be renovated. The renovations would accommodate replacement of existing fixtures and adding fixtures, as well as a complete redesign and renovation of the office, snack bar, entry, storage, etc.

    The Aquatics Facility Master Plan was developed for further review and analysis to help identify the specific improvements needed to accomplish the direction of the Master Plan. As a result of the Aquatics Facility Master Plan, the locker/shower facility was determined to be inadequate. The current facility does not meet the minimum requirements for the two existing pools, as stated in the California State Administration Code, Title 24, Chapter 31B, and Section 3115B. The primary deficiencies include insufficient shower, toilet and lavatory fixture counts. Therefore, the first phase must be or should include the renovation of the existing locker/shower facility. The renovation of the existing facility can be used to serve the existing pools, as well as the proposed zero depth wading pool and the addition of pool slides. As future improvements occur, such as the wave pool, the addition of separate restroom facilities can be added to accommodate them.

    Under the Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2000, the City of Fullerton will be given a per-capita allocation of $1,163,000, and the Roberti-Z'Berg-Harris Block Grant allocation of $373,563.

    Commissioners Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: how much money is allocated to this project right now; will the renovation be in phases; will the remainder of what needs to be done - the snack bar, the extra pool - have to be applied for at a later time; is the locker room only going to cost $1,400,000; is there a snack bar at the pool now; does the recommendation pertain only to the locker room and shower facility; does the $1,400,000 include the snack bar or gym expansion; the price to renovate just the locker room and shower facility seems high; it may help Commission to make a better decision if there were more financial information; how many fixtures will be replaced; is $250 per square foot what it costs from the ground up - in other words, gutting the interior and starting all over; are you asking the Commission to look at it further before sending it on to City Council, since the costs are not outlined in this item, as presented; what is being asked of the Commission - to approve the item in concept, and then move it forward, and then to apply for that particular funding source to be the bulk of the funding for it - not whether or not we think it is a good design, etc.; what is this Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2000 - has this already been allocated to the City of Fullerton, and is it primarily for parks; are there limitations as to what parks the money can be used for - why Independence Park, as opposed to any other Fullerton park; Independence Park seems to have more funding sources than other parks, perhaps because it is in a redevelopment area; have some of the funds from the bond that was approved many years ago by the City been allocated to Independence Park; there are lots of parks in the City that have no access to Redevelopment money or bond money - why are we not looking at other parks for these funding sources; are there other parks in the City that don't have other funding sources where the City has projects that could be done; what other sources of funding are there, if we do not seek funding from this particular source; what other possible sources are there for Hillcrest Park and Lions Field; could this bond be applied to the various playground equipment that needs to be replaced in several Fullerton parks; if applied for now, could Lions Field be scheduled for work in 2003; disagreement was expressed about Independence Park having more usage than Lions Field; does the Commission have any recourse about which park gets immediate attention; when the C.I.P. Priorities List was discussed with Commission last year, Commission had said that Lions Field was a priority - the field is scheduled for 2004-05 - why not sooner; where does Lions Field stand on the unfunded items; when will Prop 40 State funds be available for park improvements; what other large under-funded priority projects are on the list right now; not all projects on the list would be eligible for Prop 40 funds; i.e., the Fullerton Senor Center; the work needs to be done at Independence Park, however, without more specific information, this item should not go through in its present form, since the Commissioners do not have enough information to be well informed on the project; could Community Services bring a copy of the C.I.P. projects list, a wish list of projects that we would like to see funding for, an explanation of exactly what the Safe Neighborhood, Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2000 is, and the Roberti-Z'Berg-Harris Block Grant, what the deadline is to request this money, and what happens if we don't request it by the deadline; after serving as Commissioner for four years, Commissioner Russell stated he still has not learned about the different types of funding, and the different types of funded or not-funded projects; this item is not clear enough to take to Council at this point; are we approving the movement of this item or the content; we would like to see a comparison of other bids for cost per square footage; and, what is the cutoff on applying for the 2000 Bond Act funding.

    Commissioner Spencer MOTIONED to table this item until further information is available, with the staff report addressing the Commission comments.

    Commissioner Russell SECONDED the Motion.

    AYES: Miller, Swanson, Spencer, Dalton, Han, Hewett, Russell
    NOES: None

    Commissioner Spencer MOTIONED to table this item until further information is available, with the staff report addressing the Commission comments.

    Commissioner Russell SECONDED the Motion.

    AYES: Miller, Swanson, Spencer, Dalton, Han, Hewett, Russell
    NOES: None


  1. Manager Peterson presented an overview of the Recreation Division. She noted that the Recreation Division was formerly part of the Leisure Division and was recently divided into two divisions, due to the size and content of the two divisions.

    There has been much growth in the youth programs over the last two years, such as:

    • "Playgrounds on the Go" program at elementary schools, wherein we provide services (active games, sports, crafts, dance, drama, music, etc.) for Fullerton and other school districts in the area. Approximately 1,000 children are served each day.
    • Student Recognition - which recognizes all kids from K-12 at City Council meetings. The children are selected for a combination of good grades, community participation, and citizenship.
    • Summer activities for kids at four different park sites; i.e., swimming at Independence Park, special events every Friday (excursions to the beach, bowling, and skating; or, all kids from all sites get together for a special activity), an over-night campout at the Brea Dam, a couple of day hikes, as well as on-site activities.
    • Teen Programs - One of the programs is called L.E.A.D. (leadership program for junior and senior high school kids), to build leadership skills and community awareness through participation in monthly Community Services projects. Another program is Job Shadow Day, where the kids come to the City and spend an hour or so with each department head, and interview them and tour their departments. Other activities for teens are: dances, parties, excursions; and, annual special events, such as basketball tournaments, Battle of the Bands, and a teen coalition.
    • Adaptive Recreation - Services disabled youth and adults with recreation, socialization, and excursions.
    • Aquatics - The main focus is teaching water safety to kids. During the summer school program, we have about 2,100 participants. Ages range from 6 months on. The pool is open during the summer from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. We have a Secret Pal Program, which is a scholarship program for kids who can not afford to take swim lessons. We also have recreation and lap swimming 7 days a week year round. There are approximately 120,000 people utilizing Independence Park every year.
    • In the gym, we have kids' basketball, volleyball, racquetball, a skate park, and an adult sports program, with 175-200 teams playing per year.
    • Manager Peterson then introduced Melissa Larkin, Recreation Programs Assistant, who gave an overview of the activities she handles in her position.

    • At Brea Dam in December, "Playgrounds on the Go" comes to the Brea Dam Park, where we do crafts and outdoor games, as well as nature hikes. Every other Friday night during the summer, we have family campfires.
    • Childrens' Concerts - for kids 5-11, where there are arts and crafts, face painting, etc.
    • During the school year, from January through May, on the third Saturday of the month we have family hikes.
    • In January, we had "Snow Day" at the dam, where a company came in and dropped snow. There were two sled runs and two play areas. There were 650 people in attendance.
    • Coming up at the end of March is our "Spring Carnival & Egg Hunt" for kids 5-11.
    • Volunteer Connection Day, which is a national event that the City participates in, where we select a project and have volunteers participate for one day.
    • A trail clean-up day at the Dam.
    • L.E.A.D. Program - Has about 40 teams involved.
    • There was a Haunted Night Hike last year, where 250 people enjoyed a story that was told, and a night hike was taken behind the dam. The kids loved it.
    • Volunteer Program - Melissa is in charge of this program, and places volunteers with the Playgrounds on the Go program or the Adaptive program. Most of the volunteers are junior and senior high school students who are fulfilling their requirements for a class or for graduation. We also use volunteers for our Adaptive Recreation program. Luau Parties at Independence Park - packages are offered for kids who want to have parties there, and is primarily used as end-of-year school parties.
    • Adopt-A-Park Program - There are two sessions - one in the spring (January until the end of May), and one in the fall (from September to the end of January). About 20 non-profit groups participate for this 17-week program. They receive a stipend of $325, which some of the Boy and Girl Scout troop volunteers use for their parties.

    Commissioners Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: compliments were expressed for the types of programs offered and the amount of work it must take to produce them; what is a duplicated person; has a survey ever been done on Independence Park as to where the people are coming from (i.e., east, west, or all of Fullerton).

  2. 2nd Quarter - Quarterly Reports

    Director Hunt pointed out the areas on the Quarterly Report that had just been mentioned, and opened it up for questions, and also noted that a Manager from each Division would be coming to Commission each month to inform the Commission about their individual programs. She also mentioned that at some time in the future, these reports will be either annually or semi-annually, and no longer quarterly.

    Commissioners Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: on page 2 of the Recreation Division 2nd Quarter document, the skate park was discussed - in driving by the skate park, only 3 kids had helmets, a bike was performing tricks, and stickers were all over the signs, as well as graffiti - it seems like the vandalism has not dropped, as noted in the report; isn't there a requirement for the kids to wear safety equipment - there were many helmets laying around, but very few kids were wearing them; is there no liability for the City for children over 14 regarding skate parks; has new signage been put up; and, how often does the Police Department survey the park?

  3. Landscape Maintenance Division Monthly Maintenance Report

    Supervisor Williams gave an overview of the February Maintenance Report for the Commission, gave any updates since February, and opened the floor for questions.

    Commissioners Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: are the 360 eucalyptus trees included in the removal up to 619 trees; are there wasps being released to help; have there been problems in other cities, and have the wasps helped in those cities; is the red gum the primary tree that the lerps are attacking, or is it spreading to others; who supervises the Eagle Scout, who is volunteering to renovate a slope; does Superintendent Sereno present the Eagle Scout with a plan; regarding Adlena Park, where is it; what is the sport field lighting like at Adlena; and, how do you get to Emery Park.

  4. Building and Facilities Division Monthly Maintenance Report

    Supervisor Williams was available to field any questions for this division.

    Commissioners Questions and Comments:

    There were no questions or comments from the Commissioners.

  5. Report on City Council Agenda Items

    Director Hunt offered to answer any questions about any items that have gone to the City Council.

    Commissioners Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: in the March Council Briefing, it noted that the Fullerton Sports Complex was underway and is expected to be completed this fall - can the Commission be given a report on how Community Services plans to allocate these resources, and can the Commission see this plan by the summer, since soccer, baseball and softball will be starting in the fall; where is the opening to the sports field on Bastanchury; how large is the field; how is the City doing in securing funding for the Senior Center Expansion; and, mention was made as to the upcoming visit to the Nixon Library in May.

    Director Hunt mentioned that Railroad Days is also coming up in May, as well as a tour of the Bob Ward Nature Preserve, with a tentative date of the same Saturday as the Nixon tour.

    Commissioner Hewett MOTIONED to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Spencer SECONDED the Motion. AYES: Miller, Swanson, Spencer, Dalton, Han, Hewett, Russell NOES: None The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
  6. Commissioner Comments