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American Sporting Prints
from the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams
July 2 - August 29, 1999

The depiction of sport is a recurring feature in American art of the last one hundred years. Through a selection of approximately sixty-five prints by over fifty artists, All-Stars will provide a fascinating look at this aspect of American culture and social history and illustrate how the increase in leisure time in America during the twentieth century gave rise to the popularity of sports, and subsequently, of depictions of sports in art. The activities represented include polo, discus throwing, golf, boxing, yachting, baseball, football, and swimming.

The exhibition will feature the work of American artists associated with their depiction of sports such as George Bellows, John J. Murphy, and Joseph Golinkin., as well as those not usually associated with the subject such as Winslow Homer, Alex Katz, John Baldessari, and Robert Rauschenburg.

Taken all together, All-Stars documents the richness of American art and American sports and increases our appreciation of both.

The exhibition is organized by The American Federation of Arts. It is a project of ART ACCESS II, a program of the AFA with major support from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund.