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Health & Safety Code 6.95

 25507(a)(1) A business shall establish and implement a business plan for emergency response to a release or threatened release of a hazardous material in accordance with the standards prescribed in the regulations adopted pursuant to Section 25503 if the
business meets any of the following conditions:

The business handles a hazardous material or a mixture 
containing a hazardous material that has a quantity at any one time 
during the reporting year that is equal to, or greater than,
55 gallons for materials that are liquids,
500 pounds for solids, or 
200 cubic feet for compressed gas.
The physical state and quantity present of mixtures shall be 
determined by the physical state of the mixture as whole, 
not individual components, at standard temperature and pressure.
25508(a)(1)  A handler shall electronically submit its business plan to the statewide 
information management system in accordance with the requirements of this article 
and certify that the business plan meets the requirements of this article.

 A new law enacted in California (AB 2286) requires the reporting of hazardous materials be completed through an Internet web site or “Portal” by all agencies and businesses.  Fullerton Fire Department will be implementing the transition to the portal throughout 2014.  The use of paper reporting forms are no longer accepted.  The E-Submit business portal is being deployed in phases to all 32 cities under the jurisdiction of Orange County Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA).


First step: Requesting a user name and password.

· Begin this process at the esubmit.ocgov.com home page.

“Select Your City” as Fullerton. (If a new window does not appear than you will need to turn off the pop-up blocker)

· You will be asked if you are the Business Owner or Authorized by Business Owner. If Authorized by Business Owner you MUST also submit an Authorization Letter. A preformatted letter is available by clicking on the blue “Authorization Letter”. After it’s completed and signed you will scan and upload it using the upload button.

Second Step: User name and password received by email.

· Log into esubmit.ocgov.com with your user name and password.

· Complete the following forms;

o Business Activities

o Business Owner Operator

o Chemical Description

o Emergency Plan

o Facility maps-This would need to be uploaded.

· Save all work and submit

Third Step: Pending for Approval.

· If rejected, you will receive an email to log back onto esubmit.ocgov.com to review corrections. After corrections are made, “confirm” your submission.

· If approved, congratulations you are done.



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