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TCC Minutes June 3, 2002

TCC Minutes June 3, 2002



City Council Chambers---------City Hall
Monday, June 3, 2002 - - - - - 4:00 P. M.

Vince Buck 4:25
J. Michael Cochran, Vice Chairman
Edward Ginter
Brent Hardwick
Sean Francis, Chairman
Patrick Robeson
Don Hoppe, Assistant City Engineer
Mark Miller, City Traffic Engineer
Dave Langstaff, Traffic Engineering Technician II
Teri Carlson, Senior Traffic Engineering Aide
Sgt. Don Pearce, Police Department
Amy Inzunza, Recording Secretary


Chairman Francis called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


Commissioner Hardwick made a motion to accept the May 6, 2002 minutes. Commissioner Ginter seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


1. REPORT ON C.I.P 2002-2003.

Don Hoppe, Assistant City Engineer, presented the report on the C.I.P 2002-2003.

On page B-4, the Santa Fe Avenue project Highland to Harbor funding has gone to zero because the city will no longer underground the utilities.

Chairman Francis said that he heard an amount of $1,300,000. Mr. Hoppe said that was additional funding that was going to be added the second year.

Chairman Francis asked why B-12 the Transportation Center Parking project says $30,000. Mr. Hoppe said that it is the carry over amount. B-12-B-16 are projects that are currently in progress that have been funded.

Mr. Hoppe said that the Safe Routes to School project is the only project that is listed as a new project.

Chairman Francis asked if we received a grant for the Safe Routes to School project. Mr. Hoppe said that we did receive a grant for the project.

Mr. Hoppe said that the city has small projects that are impacting the Transportation area which are the bus benches that will be added or replaced to enhance the aesthetics and the alley improvements north of Santa Fe.

Commissioner Ginter asked where the Dorothy Lane Reconstruction could be found in the book. Mr. Hoppe said that it is part of a residential street reconstruction project and can be found in the back of the book.

Commissioner Robeson said that last year they talked about Downtown public trash receptacles and asked if that is still in progress. Mr. Hoppe said that it is still in progress.

Commissioner Hardwick asked if the city gets to share the expenses for bus shelters with OCTA. Mr. Hoppe said that it is called redevelopment agency funding. He said that OCTA was funding all the handicap accessible improvements for all the bus stops throughout the city. He said that these were all funded by OCTA with no city funding.

Commissioner Ginter asked if the projects are cutting into the infrastructure deficiency. Mr. Hoppe said that in theory we are cutting into it.


Mark Miller, City Traffic Engineer, presented the staff report requesting installation of a 15,000 lb vehicle weight restriction on Valencia Drive between Lemon Street and its easterly terminus. Mr. Miller said that it concerns resident's complaints about commercial vehicles that frequently end up in their neighborhood looking for a way out. The street is posted "No Outlet" which means that once you get into the street you must come out the same way. Commercial vehicles frequently find them selves making right and left turns into the area. Staff is proposing to give truckers some notification to install the 15,000 lb commercial vehicle weight restriction on Valencia Drive from Lemon Street to its easterly terminus. The signs would be located both north and south of the intersection to provide a truck driver a clear indication that overlimit vehicles are prohibited from using Valencia Drive.

Commissioner Hardwick asked that if a truck driver has his line of sight blocked from the sign than do we have grounds to ticket him. Sergeant Don Pearce said that under this proposal the signs would be posted on Lemon Street. It might be offered as a defense but the signs will be posted and will be visible.

Commissioner Hardwick asked if there will be texts on the signs referencing Valencia. Mr. Miller said staff will either put a text or an arrow.

Chairman Francis asked how bad the situation is. Mr. Miller said that it is enough concern that it was brought to the NET team and when staff went out to make observations they witnessed truck driver's turning in and out because there is no outlet.

Commissioner Ginter said that the segment of street is wide and a semi truck can make a u-turn.

Vice Chairman Cochran asked if the proposal is for commercial trucks under 15,000 or just big commercial trucks. Mr. Miller said that they don't want big commercial trucks.

The hearing was opened to public comments and closed.

Commissioner Ginter moved to accept staff's recommendation. Commissioner Hardwick seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


Mr. Miller presented staff's recommendation to install seventy-five feet of red curb on the east side of Highland Avenue between Amerige Avenue and the east/west alley north of Amerige Avenue. Staff made the request in an effort to improve the sight visibility at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Amerige Avenue. Its staff's opinion that increasing the sight distance for westbound drivers will result in a reduction of right-angle and/or near miss accidents. Highland Avenue has a prima facie speed limit of 25 miles per hour. Parking is permitted on both the east and west side at certain locations. Staff previously considered installing a four-way stop at Amerige but it does not meet the warrants. In a 12 month period you must have at least five reported accidents that are susceptible to correction by a four-way stop. We had four reported accidents in any 12 month period. We just had another accident last weekend.

Chairman Francis asked where the accident was located. Mr. Miller said that it was a west-bound vehicle that was proceeding into the intersection and hit a south bound vehicle. He said that it appeared that the west bound vehicle did not see the south bound vehicle. Mr. Miller said that over the past couple year's staff has increased the size of the stop signs on Amerige Avenue and has posted signs saying "cross traffic does not stop".

Commissioner Robeson asked if there is a way to put stop signs at the cross walk. Mr. Miller said that to install a stop sign is not warranted. Wilshire was the street that warranted the stop signs. Mr. Miller said that although a crosswalk is not marked it is a legal crossing.

Commissioner Robeson asked what the pedestrian count is. Mr. Miller said that they do not have that information but it still does not meet the warrants.

Commissioner Buck said that apart from the fact that the intersection does not meet the warrants is there any other reason staff would not like to install the stop signs. Mr. Miller said that if you do not have the volume of east/west cross traffic compared to the north/south traffic, then a stop sign may not prevent the accidents.

Commissioner Buck said that installing the red curb will help the visibility for cars going west bound. He asked if that is where most of the accidents occur or do they also occur going east bound. Mr. Miller said that most of the accidents are west bound.

Commissioner Buck stated that he does not see this as a visibility problem. He said that he would like to see stop signs installed. Commissioner Robeson asked when staff did a survey for the warrants. Mr. Miller said that it was about a year ago. He said that both intersections were looked at when staff did Wilshire Avenue.

Commissioner Ginter asked if a reduction of less than 75-feet would help. Mr. Miller said that there is an issue on Amerige Avenue looking north bound and an issue at the alley looking south bound.

Vice Chairman Cochran asked how many parking spaces it will be. Mr. Miller replied at least three.

Commissioner Robeson asked if the residents at night park in the city employee parking lot. Mr. Miller said that there is a 2 a.m to 5 a.m. parking restriction.

Chairman Francis said that as long as someone has a permit then they can park in the city lot. Mr. Miller said that the accidents have occurred during the daytime not at night.

The hearing was opened to public comments.

Norma Boyzo, 202 N. Highland Avenue, said that she does not have an objection to the red curb but is requesting that a four-way stop be installed. Mrs. Boyzo said that her parents received a parking permit from the city to park in the city parking lot.

The public comment segment was closed.

Chairman Francis stated that the four-way stop sign should be addressed at another time. Commissioner Buck asked if it is out of order to consider a four-way stop at the meeting. Mr. Miller said that we need to have it on the agenda in order to discuss the four-way stop and make the recommendation to City Council. He said that to discuss the four-way is appropriate. Mr. Miller recommends that once the Police Department building is completed then we can study the intersection. He believes the conditions will change.

Commissioner Hardwick made a motion to accept staff's recommendation. Commissioner Robeson seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


Commissioner Robeson did not participate in the discussion of item #4 due to a potential conflict of interest.

Mr. Miller presented staff's recommendation to restripe Dorothy Lane between Longview Drive and Victoria Drive. He said that the road must be completely reconstructed. Dorothy Lane has approximately 6,000 vehicles a day. It is currently striped with a center line and bike lanes. Although it is designated as a Class II bike lane, the insufficient street width prohibits the installation of a Class II bike lane without the removal of on-street parking


This issue was brought before the Bicycle Users SubCommittee on April 17, 2002 and they discussed the various striping options as proposed. At the conclusion of the meeting, the committee favored a proposal retaining the eleven-foot travel lanes and nine-foot parking lanes. The committee was concerned that if staff was to stripe a wider bike lane then drivers would think it's a travel lane and drive in it. Their recommendation was to go with an eleven-foot through lane and a nine-foot bike lane.

Staff is proposing that the lane configuration on Dorothy Lane consist of two ten-foot lanes and two ten-foot parking lane/bike lanes. Mr. Miller called the Chairman Mr. Olmstead and mentioned he would present this recommendation. Mr. Olmstead agreed with Mr. Miller.

Mr. Miller said that between Acacia and Victoria Drive the street is posted "No Parking Anytime". The city does allow the school buses and parents to park on the north side to drop off and pick up children in front of Acacia school. There would be a seven-foot bike lane on the south side, two ten-foot travel lanes, and five-foot bike lane going west bound with an eight-foot parking lane totaling thirteen-feet. Staff wants to keep the "No Parking Anytime" signs. Staff is trying to relieve some of the congestion around the school sites around Melody. Staff will not be changing any signing but will be installing new bike lanes. Construction is scheduled for the summer. Victoria to Rydell should be done before school gets back into session and towards the end of the year the other section will be done.

Commissioner Hardwick said that most of the traffic would be for Acacia not Rosary high school. Mr. Miller said that Rosary high school has put in a proposal to add some classrooms on their campus. It has set in motion a requirement for a traffic study in the area. They have hired a Traffic Engineering Consultant that will be looking at reducing congestion and litigations to help reduce on-street parking around Acacia Park and Fullerton Creek Road around Melody. Mr. Miller said that there is no busing for Rosary high school except for when they have their sport events. There is busing for Acacia elementary schools which are one or two buses. There are no buses for St. Juliana's but there is a heavy car pool. There is a portion of Dorothy that St. Juliana's and Rosary high school uses, from Longview to Rydell.

The issue is the restriping and narrowing the travel lanes and widening the bike lanes. Mr. Miller said that vehicles drive in the bike lanes to pass on the right. The lanes are striped like bike lanes but they are signed as bike routes. Mr. Miller believes that the drivers can be sited for passing on a bike route.

Sergeant Don Pearce said that you cannot drive in a bike lane. He said that you can drive on where the broken line is.

Commissioner Buck asked if it would be legal for a bicycle to pass the diagonal. Mr. Miller replied yes.

Commissioner Buck asked how long the dotted line on Dorothy Lane going east bound. Mr. Miller said it might be sixty feet.

Commissioner Ginter asked if the restriping extend down to Berkley. Mr. Miller said that it will only go to Longview.

The hearing was opened to public comments.

Rita Semple, 1200 Longview, said that for St. Juliana's school the parents do not drop off there children on Acacia. The parents have been instructed to drive through Melody into the parking lot and drop the children off in front of the school. Mrs. Semple said that the bike lane at the corner of Dorothy Lane and Longview is used for right turns consistently. Mrs. Semple hopes that someday the city will see it feasible and practical to install circles or stop signs on Dorothy Lane.

Commissioner Hardwick made a motion to accept staff's recommendation. Vice Chairman Cochran seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


Mr. Miller said that staff presented the request to Council. Council did not feel it necessary to meet for the purpose of discussing potential changes to the existing ordinance. If the T&CC feels it necessary to modify the policy/procedure of granting exemptions and or propose a change to the existing ordinance, the T&CC should present their suggestions to Council at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Commissioner Hardwick said that the commission still had the right to review each petition that comes before them on a case by case basis. He said they have the authority to disagree with staff and forward their recommendation to council. He said there is an issue for what may or may not constitute a two-car garage and how long a driveway should be. Mr. Hardwick felt that staff should consider whether people are being placed in a position where they are being forced to park in front of their own house and being sited.

Commissioner Ginter said that two months ago he presented a draft of a resolution. Last month, Director of Engineering, Robert Hodson, said that a resolution is not the correct form to change the ordinance. Mr. Ginter said that he was trying to highlight a change in the definition to what constitutes adequate overnight parking. He said that if the commission felt that this would help when surveying the petitions then it would put the commission in less conflict with staff. Mr. Ginter said that in the resolution he acknowledges that the ordinance is good and that they have a place in the system to allow exemptions. Mr. Ginter would like to get the resolution on the agenda so that the commissioners can discuss it and vote upon it. Mr. Ginter asked if this would be the legal way of changing the ordinance.

Mr. Miller said that it sounds appropriate to put on the agenda for discussion.

Chairman Francis asked staff's feelings toward the resolution.

Dave Langstaff, Traffic Technician II, stated that option #4 was brought to the commission to discuss areas that the commission felt needed clarification by Council. Staff also spoke to the Planning Department who informed staff that the standard garage width is approximately twenty-feet in width.

Mr. Miller stated his opinion on option #4. He said that he has looked at areas overnight parking was approved and noticed that several vehicles will park in the street for extended periods of time. For example, on the south side of Chapman Avenue, a resident parked his Jet Ski's on the street for weeks. Mr. Miller called the situation in and the Jet Ski's were taken away. Mr. Miller stated that the overnight parking exemptions require a significant amount of staff time to process.

Commissioner Hardwick said that the Jet Ski's were legally in their right to park because the exemption is only between the hours of 2 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Mr. Miller said that once an exemption is placed on a street there is typically an increase in the number of parked vehicles in the exempted area.

Vice Chairman Cochran said that he would prefer to work out something on option #4 that allows the commission to make the final decision to avoid taking it to council.

Chairman Francis feels that it should be done in a way that the street either meets the requirements for exemption or not.

Commissioner Buck liked the idea about overlaying option #4 with the existing system.

Vice Chairman Cochran said that he lives in a street that has been approved for overnight parking and has not seen any problems.

Commissioner Robeson asked what it would require to take the issue before City Council. Mr. Miller said that it would require a recommendation from the Transportation & Circulation Commission to change or clarify the Ordinance.

Mr. Miller said that staff will go through option #4 and place it on the agenda for discussion.


Mr. Miller said that a week ago staff met with Post Office officials. They established that there would be a change within the parking lot involving circulation and the work required.

Mr. Miller said that the contractor has already re-poured the driveways. The signs will be in this weekend. By next week there will be a new circulation.

Mr. Miller stated that the post office will hand out flyers to patrons notifying them of the upcoming changes.


On November 2, 2002, a Commissioners Workshop will be held at Cal Poly Pomona.

The Bicycle Users SubCommittee will be meeting next week to look at the citywide master plan for bicycle routes and will get all the maps together.


Mr. Miller said that they will relocate the traffic signal at Commonwealth and Short Street to Senior Center Drive. He said that street reconstruction within the intersection will not happen for a year.

Mr. Miller said that changes to Santa Fe Avenue and the requests for disabled parking on Yale Avenue will be going to City Council June 4, 2002.




The regular meeting of the Transportation & Circulation Commission was adjourned at 5:40 p.m.