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BUSC Minutes November 27, 2007

City Hall - Council Chamber Conference Room
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 5:30 pm

Gene Hiegel, Chairman
Davis Barber
James Donovan
Kent Morris
Banning Ostrow

James Barnum
Edmundo Duvignau, Vice-Chairman

Bob St. Paul, Senior Planner
Ron Bowers, Senior Civil Engineer


The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was called to order at 5:31 p.m.


The October 17, 2007 meeting minutes were approved.



Jennifer Kunz with RBF Consulting, presented the Bicycle Element Update which covered the November 27, 2007 Existing Conditions Evaluation. Bicycle Elements are required to prioritize all proposed projects based on community feedback on the Draft Master Plan, projects’ abilities to close existing network gaps, engineering and cost feasibility.

Proposed bikeways and amenities component will be underway. The existing conditions data collected for the Bicycle Element was a technical survey which was completed with a GPS field survey team that recorded existing conditions into a database tied into GIS project files. Community outreach data was also collected online which included the City's main arterials, frequently used bikeways which had the most impediments to easy bicycle travel, crossings present barriers and knowledge of the rules-of-road.

Specific recommendations for future improvements to the City’s bicycle network will be identified and evaluated against the bikeway existing conditions data, traffic report data, and the general recommendations pertaining to land use/parks & recreation/circulation, and feasible projects will be compiled into a Draft Master Plan of Bikeways for the City detailing all the existing conditions.Data gathering is anticipated to be completed in early December and will be presented to the public for review and comment.


This item postponed until the Bicycle Element is completed, with no new date set.


Jim Meyer with Trails4all discussed the grant which was awarded by the Rivers and Mountain Conservancy for a bike way master plan study of the Coyote Creek two years ago. A team of 208 people served thirteen cities in the L.A. and Orange County’s and discussed with five major cities about existing bikeway or elements in their master plans and the potentials of making connections to core cities.

Coyote Creek currently runs through various cities. There is a plan to explore east and west routes. The main stem of the Coyote Creek in many places runs underground.Part of the grant was to identify opportunities for habitat, landscaping, rest areas and amenities. It is identified as a future phase to build a class one off road paved bikeway.

Fullerton has four creeks flowing through it and opportunities to connect over to the Coyote Creek project to try to incorporate it to run to the beach.Cooperation with the Orange County cities and the Orange County Flood is positive. Previous attempts were made to get a bike way along the Carbon Creek over to West Anaheim but due to homeowner resistance and broken short segments of trail, the project was abandoned.

Coyote Creek ends at the Santa Ana River and the coast. There is an existing bike way from Foster Road (Cerritos) to the Beach. Some of the obstacles extending the bike route will be going to Santa Fe Railroad and Stage Road and coming through La Habra. Currently, there is a bike path with a 300 yard gap from La Habra to La Mirada.

Caltrans is widening the I-5 and the Planning Team was able to reserve right-of-way for the project.Currently lines of communication need to be opened with railroads and at grade railroad crossings is a problematic.

Atwood Channel is an eastern expansion of Carbon Creek which could possibly connect to the Santa Ana River for a permanent connection and enhanced class II trails or bike lanes on the streets.

Under the power lines through Cerritos, a bikeway could run diagonally through the city which could make connections to the San Gabriel River to the Santa Ana River; however, many at grade street crossings are at an angle, which wouldn’t blend itself to a commuter bikeway.

Fullerton Creek is open between Chapman Avenue and State College Blvd. There are maintenance roads along the Fullerton Greenbelt between the homes on Victoria and Riverside Drive.Discussions are being held about issues such as bridge crossings and a bike path.

In Brea, Coyote Creek begins by Calvary Chapel in a very narrow box between two clusters of industrial buildings. Plans to utilize the same concept as the Hicks Canyon Community in Irvine, in which a storm channel was placed in a box with a natural creek running on top.A bike path or trail on top would connect from the rail trail and potentially connect smaller parks in Brea. The concept may be used on the Channel running along Malvern making it the artery of the city into the Greenbelt.

Fullerton Creek is open from the Hunt Branch Library to Magnolia with a maintenance path that could be adapted into a bike route that may be problematic due to the bridge under crossing. The creek from Basque to the east is a concrete box channel which backs up to private yards and does not have a maintenance path.

In Anaheim, Carbon Creek is underground from La Palma to West St. and opens into a channel. The City of Anaheim feels this is useful at a local level, the Golf Course obstruction and many at grade crossings and interstate 5 in Orange County.Anaheim has not made a commitment in their general plan to build a trail; however, they have identified it as a study corridor and would like to address it.

There are unresolved issues to connect Brea Creek from Metrolink Station to an HOA in Buena Park where residents can’t cross Beach Blvd., the Brea Creek comes in and would be ideal to extend to schools.

Jennifer Kunz, with RBF Consulting and Jim Meyer will be in contact in order to discuss how to combine and implement both group ideas on a dedicated bikeway prior to submitting the general plans.






The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m. until the next regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, January 16, 2008.

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