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BUSC Minutes September 17, 2003

BUSC Minutes September 17, 2003

Council Conference Room . . . . City Hall
Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 . . . 5:30 p.m.

Denny Bean
John Olmsted, Chairman
Jack James
Phil Lamontagne
Greg Lindstrom
Bruce Shoemaker
Frederick E. Von Coellin, Vice-Chairman

STAFF PRESENT:Ron Bowers, Senior Civil Engineer


The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was called to order at 5:35.


  • The Minutes of the June 18, 2003, were approved with a spelling correction for Judith Kaluzny.
  • The Minutes of July 16, 2003, were approved as submitted.



    Chairman Olmsted thanked Mr. Bowers for inclusion of the Highway Design Manual information about bicycles as well as additional comments.

    During discussion of the Task Force Report, it was noted that it should have an executive summary, a Table of Contents, because it does not flow. This document has good content, but it is hard to review.

    Chairman Olmsted stated that this report could be rewritten, but also could extract those items that could be part of policy and develop a new document, which could then be forwarded to the T&CC and to the City Council.

    Mr. Olmsted stated there are places in the report that suggest standards beyond what is required by the State. When a city is built-out, however, that would become self-defeating, especially when streets are not wide enough to support a Class II lane width.

    Mr. Bowers advised that the source document for design of bike lanes is the Caltrans' Highway Design Manual, which a recognized design standard guideline. The question was raised as to whether there are penalties if the State "guidelines" are not followed, even when it uses such words as "shall" and "will". Chairman Olmsted referred to Dorothy Lane, which is a Class II route according to the Plan. However, it is not wide enough to be a Class II according to the design manual criteria. The compromise was to stripe Dorothy as a Class II, but not mark it as such. Liability issues are involved.

    It was stated that there had been a request in 1991 for a trail along Bastanchury, past Parks Road to Harbor, along the railroad tracks. This is shown on the plan, but only in the event that the railroad right of way is ever abandoned.

    It was asked if the actual plan for the bike trail around Amerige Heights was ever presented to this Commission. The answer was "No". It was also asked if there has been consideration for a trail on either the track or street side similar to or adequate for bike riding and to connect to the Sally Pekerak Trail. Mr. Bowers advised that the railroad right of way is already on the plan and will extend from imperial Boulevard south to Commonwealth, wrapping around Hunt Library. Currently, however, it is still being used by the railroad until such time as the railroad company abandons it to the City.

    In light of these issues, it would be more constructive if the City Council would adopt a policy that said prior to developers submitting plans for a new development or redevelopment, the BUSC, T&CC, etc. shall be consulted. We need to submit this to Council in such a manner that would be accepted by the Council to make as policy.

    Consensus was that a statement should be included in policy requiring a developer to submit plans to the appropriate committees, including the BUSC, etc., for review - not necessarily to approve. It was also stated that if this committee is not going to be consulted on these issues, there is really no reason to continue with the BUSC.

    It was stated that in actuality, a 3-4 page document could be created by extracting items from the previous report that are appropriate. After some discussion, it was motioned that a smaller committee would review the report for substantive statements, and return for discussion of the entire subcommittee.

    Following further discussion, Mr. Bowers suggested that the subcommittee determine precisely what the BUSC wants and how it should fit in to the scheme of decision-making regarding installation and removal of bike routes within the General Plan. This document would be more of an administrative policy, and when completed to the satisfaction of the Subcommittee, staff will place the information in an appropriate document for presentation to the City Council.


    The master plan update has been presented and has no provisions for bicycles whatsoever. The plan was carefully laid out to put parking at the outer edges of the campus and to have a cluster of building in the center of the campus. There may be some changes since those present for review of the master plan were surprised that nothing was referenced regarding pedestrian or bicycle flow were taken into consideration. The City's role in this project is very limited.

    Mr. Bowers stated however that comments can be passed on, but to expect concurrence remains to be seen. If there is a feasible route suggested from this Subcommittee, it can be presented for a response.

    It has been suggested that Hornet Way be connected to the College with the Dorothy bile lane. Another goal would be to produce a map that would not only show available bike routes to the college, but would encourage students to use the recommended route for safety.

    It was requested that staff obtain a copy of the project plan for the next meeting so that the members could make analyses based on established routes on the master plan.

    A number of suggestions were mentioned, but consensus was that the project plan should be reviewed at the next meeting so that viable accesses to the campus can be presented to the College as to and possible suggestions for paths and bike facilities on campus.


  • Mr. Bowers stated that there is an existing ordinance prohibiting bike riding within Hillcrest Park.

  • The City Attorney has confirmed that bicycle riding on sidewalks is not allowed under law. However, The City Traffic Engineer is currently in the process of reviewing and writing a new resolution to allow riding on the sidewalk except in designated areas in the Downtown.


No one was present to address the Subcommittee.


The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was adjourned to October 15, 2003.