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Important Quick Reference Phone Numbers
  • Engineering Department
    For questions regarding City owned construction projects and general questions regarding the City’s NPDES permit
    (714) 738-6845
  • Community Development Department
    For questions regarding private construction projects, stormwater/wastewater issues on private property, and residential best practices to prevent stormwater/wastewater pollution
    Community Development NPDES
    (714) 738-6563
  • Fire Department
    For questions regarding the City’s Industrial Facilities Inspection Program
    Fire Department NPDES
    (714) 738-5359
  • (714) 738-6897
    To report spills of non-hazardous chemicals or liquids.

Call the Fire Department at 911 if the spill involves large quantities of oil, gasoline, oil based paints, or harmful chemicals

If you prefer to send a service request electronically, then please click on the link below:
Report a Water Pollution Problem

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