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Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes October 2, 2003

Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes October 2, 2003

Redevelopment Conference Room
October 2 - 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m., by Chairman Gillespie


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Andresen, Axe, Gillespie, Johnson, and McGarvey
STAFF PRESENT: O'Leary, Redevelopment Project Administrator, and Norton (Clerical Support)
PROJECT MANAGEMENT PRESENT: Alvarado, Resident Manager, D. Solari, Vice President of Operations, and Michel, Property Manager, Solari Enterprises, Inc.


A MOTION was made, SECONDED and CARRIED by members present, to approve the Minutes of August 7, as amended.



Committee Member Axe, reported that during her last inspection, she found unclean showers, and microwaves, filth, bugs and clutter. Ms. Alvarado said she would have an exterminator spray to rid the unit from bugs. Chairman Gillespie asked what course of action does management take in this type of a situation, especially if it becomes a perpetual problem. Ms. Solari replied that the tenants are sent notices letting them know what day and time to expect the exterminator, and if they ignore the notice and fail to be available, a paper trail is started, and they would be evicted for cause.

The City's Housing Inspector, Mike Austin, will complete his quarterly inspection on October 20, 2003.

The next quarterly inspection by the Committee Members would be January of 2004, beginning at 9:00 a.m., one floor per day. The schedule is as follows:

Bill McGarvey January 12
Carolyn Johnson January 13
Paul Andresen January 14
Glenna Axe January 15
Bill Gillespie January 16


The Committee reviewed the emergency response report. The count still remains below five for both Fire and Police call outs.

Resident's Selection Criteria

Redevelopment Project Administrator O'Leary passed out a sheet on qualifying tenants as a follow up to last meeting's discussion on how Redevelopment law is interpreted. The question and answers were based on two different scenarios -- would a father earning $36,000 per year, separated and paying child support and alimony, qualify as a 1-person household or a 3-person household. According to the Redevelopment Agency's attorney, the father may qualify for the 3-person household under the City's guidelines but as a 1-person household under the tax credit rules.

Ms. Solari spoke about the tax credit guidelines. There is no deduction for alimony or child support outside of a family even if wages are garnished, but it must be included in the annual income. Also, Fullerton City Lights has a 2-person maximum. The tax credit rules must be followed explicitly. Ms. Solari mentioned that if this father is interested in being a household of three, he could apply for a two-bedroom unit at East Fullerton Villas. This complex is also a tax credit affordable housing community. There are other options for people who cannot qualify under the tax credit guidelines at Fullerton City Lights.



Ms. Alvarado said there are six vacancies down from 11 in August. Four applications have been approved, and are waiting for vacancies. In answer to Chairman Gillespie's question regarding vacancies, Ms. Solari stated that a higher caliber applicant is applying which allows management to be able to qualify more people.

Water Leak

Chairman Gillespie asked Ms. Alvarado if the basement wall had been cleaned so that the area could be closely watched for water leakage. She replied it had and it appears that there is still a leak. Ms. Michel said she has scheduled a meeting with the owner on October 3rd, and will advise him of the leak, and will work with the owner to resolve this problem.


December 4, 2003




Adjourned at 5:00 p.m.