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Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes August 7, 2003

Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes August 7, 2003

Redevelopment Conference Room
August 7, 2003 - 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m., by Vice Chair McGarvey


Gillespie (late)
STAFF PRESENT: Linda Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor; Ken O'Leary, Redevelopment Project Administrator, and Beverly Norton (Clerical Support)
PROJECT MANAGEMENT PRESENT: Tamasa Alvarado, Resident Manager, and Gabriela Michel, Property Manager, Solari Enterprises, Inc.


A MOTION was made, SECONDED and CARRIED by members present, to approve the Minutes of June 5, 2003, as written.



Committee Member Gillespie, noticed during his inspection a bad sink in one unit, over crowded rooms, and an extremely hot room. He said that a number of the air conditioning controllers are designed in celsious or centrgrade and asked if there is any way to change the controls. Ms. Alvarado said there are instructions on the back of the controls for resetting.

Committee Member Johnson reported that paint and housekeeping were the major issues of her inspection.

Committee Member McGarvey accompanied by Committee Member Andresen found two or three units that were unkempt and dirty, and noticed a baby in one of the units. Ms. Alvarado explained that the baby was being cared for temporarily, and would not be there on a permanent basis.

Due to Committee Member Axe's absence her inspection report will be mentioned in the next minutes.

Committee Member Gillespie designed an inspection form that Committee Members may find helpful when conducting future inspections. The Committee agreed that using the forms would be a good idea. Ms. Alvarado said she would have copies available in her office.


The police and fire emergency responses were up slightly. Police had four calls, and Fire had three. The Committee felt there was no need for concern as long as the responses do not go above five calls. Housing Programs Supervisor Morad reported that there were 3,972 fire calls last year, an average of 11 per day, 331 per month. Those are the number of sirens, not just phone calls. The time of day varies, but is mostly between the hours of 1-2 a.m. Ms. Morad was told that the noise from the sirens will become worse when the new building across the street is completed, because with buildings on both sides the sound has no way of dissipating.


Housing Programs Supervisor Morad advised the Committee that the Standards Work Letter, a part of the Development Agreement, states that "the developer shall provide a TV antenna system for the building including antennas, masts, preamps, mixers, amplifiers, power supplies, cable outlets, coaxial cable distribution, and that the project be cable ready." Photographs taken from the apartment having the most direct view of the antennas were submitted for the Committee's review. The photos show not only the antennas but power poles and lines as well. Redevelopment Project Administrator O'Leary said he spoke with a sales representative of the complex and asked if he felt that the view of the roof top antennas would have a negative impact on marketing. The sales representative was not concerned that the view would adversely affect his ability to market the apartments.

Committee Member McGarvey inquired whether there have been any resident complaints about poor TV reception. Ms. Alvarado said that during the four months she has been manager she has not received any complaints.

There was a consensus that the antennas required no further discussion, and moved that they be stricken from future agendas.

MOTION was made, SECONDED and CARRIED by all members present, to end the discussion on the antennas.



The Committee was concerned with the number of vacancies. Ms. Alvarado said that there are currently 11 vacancies. Housing Programs Supervisor Morad asked what was being done to fill these vacancies. Ms. Alvarado stated that she has an ad in both the Orange County Register, and the Fullerton Observer. Ms. Morad mentioned that the contract specifies seven agencies that should be contacted when vacancies occur. Ms. Alvarado was provided a copy of those agencies.

Residents Selection Criteria

Committee Member McGarvey asked if the selection criteria are based on a State program. Ms. Michel replied yes, the Tax Credit Allocation Committee determines the criteria used for the selection process. It is based on an applicant's gross income per year and disqualifies many applicants such as a divorced person whose gross income is $32,000 per year; but after paying child support would net about $15,000.

Chairman Gillespie stated that there should be some way to take this type of a situation into consideration. Perhaps with a waiver, or more flexible guidelines.

Redevelopment Project Administrator O'Leary said that the tax credit law is a matter of interpretation, and went on to say that the rules that govern the lowest rents are not precisely tax credits. The tax credit criteria are applied to the higher levels of rent. Tax credits are not as flexible as Redevelopment. Mr. O'Leary said he would get a legal opinion on Redevelopment law to see if it would allow, for example, a divorced man paying child support to be classified as a three-person household in order to meet income guidelines.

Housing Programs Supervisor Morad stated it is unlikely that the law would allow a person to be reclassified, but would adjust his income by deducting the child support money from his gross income. Ms. Michel offered to have her compliance specialist provide more information at the next meeting.

Water Leak

Chairman Gillespie said alkaline deposits continue to form on the northeast corner of the basement wall, and suggested that Ms. Alvarado ask maintenance to clean the area and keep an eye on it to see if the deposits build back up.


October 2, 2003




Adjourned at 5:00 p.m.