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Site Plan Review Committee Minutes June 15, 2006

Site Plan Review Committee Minutes June 15, 2006


THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., JUNE 15, 2006

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Rosen called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Lopez, Rosen, Thompson, Villagracia for Voronel and Yang for Tabatabaee

COMMITTEE MEMBERS ABSENT: Eastman, Petropolous, Tabatabaee, St. Paul, and Voronel

STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Ho, Kusch, Leopold and Levin

OTHERS PRESENT: Vince Amaya, George Emigh, John Koos, Alvin and Joanne Mullins, and Kenny Zwick


June 1, 2006 minutes APPROVED as submitted with Chairman Rosen abstaining.



Item No. 1


A request for minor site plan approval for co-location of a wireless facility on an existing cellular monopole on property located at 722 Williamson Avenue (south side of Williamson Avenue, approximately 340 feet west of the centerline of Woods Avenue) (M-G zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines) (Continued from May 18, 2006) (LLE).

Planning Consultant Levin requested that the item be continued and stated this would be the second continuance.

MOTION made by Committee Member Thompson, SECONDED by Committee Member Lopez and CARRIED unanimously by all voting members present to CONTINUE project to July 20 meeting.

Item No. 2


Planning Technician Ho provided a staff report for a request of a minor site plan for a 45-foot tall monopole antenna on property located at 811 Williamson Avenue (north side of Williamson Avenue, approximately 700 feet of Euclid Street) (M-G zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of CEQA Guidelines) (KHO).

Planning Technician Ho explained that currently within this area, there exists 2 similar telecommunication monopoles. One is 70-foot high monopole at 722 W Williamson and one is 60-foot high monopole at 812 W Williamson. According to the applicant, these are both fully occupied, with no collocation opportunity.The applicant plans to lease out two units in the middle of the self-storage facility, to remove the roof on top and replace the front wall with 8-foot high chain link fence and swing-out gate.The existing fire alarm will be relocated to other location indicated in site plan Z-1.The 3 remaining walls will be stucco with waterproof material.There is a proposed parking space in the drive way in front of the two units.

Planning Technician Ho said the proposed monopole is with 12 antennas and 1 dish antenna.All accessory equipments associated with the operation of the telecommunication facility are located at the base of the pole, screened on all 4 sides by the existing 12-foot high walls and 8-foot high chain link fence and gate.

Planning Technician Ho stated the proposed project does not require any variances or zoning adjustments.The required setback from a property line along an arterial street is 5 feet for each foot of its height as measured from the ground.For the proposed 45-foot high monopole, the required setback from property line (along Commonwealth Ave.) is 225 feet.The proposed project provided 245 feet from Commonwealth and more than 400 feet from Euclid.

Planning Technician Ho stated that according to the applicant, the proposed project will not generate additional traffic, fumes, odors, smoke or vibrations.The site will be an unmanned communication facility and post-construction traffic will be less than one vehicle per month.

Staff recommended the following:

  • The applicant place a sliding gate, so it doesn’t interfere with the driveway.
  • It is not necessary to have the designated parking area in front of the facility because the nature of the facility allows for temporary parking in front of the units, for loading and unloading.Chairman Rosen clarified stating that the parking can occur, but striping or designated parking is not necessary because other facilities do not have striped or designated spaces in front of the facility.
  • Staff is concerned with the design since the site is in a Community Building Improvement District and recommended a Slim Line design. However Mr. Zwick indicated some limitations in the capacity of having the Slim Line design.

Applicant Kenny Zwick stated that a fire alarm will not be relocated, but a fire extinguisher.He explained that because of the way the breaker boxes are, the meter will be replaced and the fire extinguisher will be re-located.

Mr. Zwick explained why he would prefer not to have the slim line design.He stated if there is separation between the antennas the signal operates better.Mr. Zwick stated the monopole at 722 W. Williamson has problems with the estate and the other monopole has space limitations.He stated that at this point, it may be logical to make accommodations for this pole to be extended and have another carriers’ antenna above the applicant’s antenna.The applicant said he was not aware of any other cell carriers that are licensed to provide service in that area.He would like to push the array of the antennas and would like to limit the spread of the array and bring it down from 12 ft. to 9 ft as opposed to going with the slim lines stating that the signal would operate better.He said that they would lose functionality if they would go ahead and use the slim line design.Chairman Rosen stated he was very concerned with the location and is not convinced that it cannot have a decorative design.He stated that another option is to create some kind of decorative structure and would prefer the slimline design.

Mr. Zwick asked since they’ve exceeded the setbacks that they could make the structure 50 ft. tall, so there can be more functionality.Chairman Rosen said yes, the setback in the arterial is not strongly recommended, so there is some flexibility.Mr. Zwick stated he would require an extra 5 ft. and stated it would force any co-location to be below that.His preference would be make it 50 ft., but have it possible to extend it.Chairman Rosen asked if the applicant will show the design footings during the plan check process.Mr. Zwick answered yes and explained how another carrier’s equipment can be placed.

Chairman Rosen recommended a condition to design to co-locate.

Committee Member Villagracia stated that Engineering will need an initial deposit of $5,000 for the billing account.

John Koos, a member from the public and a cell carrier service, stated that he would be able to co-locate on the proposed monopole.Mr. Zwick and Mr. Koos discussed extending the monopole to 65 ft.Chairman Rosen stated he was uncomfortable extending the monopole to 65 ft. without re-noticing.Mr. Zwick said if they built it to be capable to extend, Mr. Koos can submit an application requesting the extension.

Chairman Rosen conditioned the project to accept the extension up to 65 ft structurally and approve at 50 ft.

Chairman Rosen reviewed the following conditions:

  • Add a sliding gate
  • Discuss the slim line design
  • Remove designated parking
  • Provide a $5,000 deposit for plan check engineer
  • Standard conditions

Mr. Zwick stated there is a 3 ft. x 6 ft. generator installed.Chairman Rosen stated the applicant will need to meet with the Fire Department.Committee Member Thompson told the applicant to contact Steve Long at the Fire Department.

MOTION made by Committee Member Yang for Committee Member Tabatabaee, SECONDED by Committee Member Lopez and CARRIED unanimously to APPROVE the project with CONDITIONS stated.

Item No. 3


Acting Associate Planner Kusch provided a staff report for a request of a wireless telecommunications facility consisting of one 55-foot tall monopine with six panel antennae and one microwave antennae, on property located at 3151 North Euclid Street (west of North Euclid Street, south and adjacent to the La Habra city border) (P-L zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15303 of CEQA Guidelines) (AKU)

Acting Associate Planner Kusch stated the Staff Site Plan Review Committee would be making a recommendation to the City Council for a lease agreement to install the antennas at the City’s Euclid Street water tank farm.Staff recommended that the antenna be located in a previously disturbed area to avoid grading activity.Acting Associate Planner Kusch stated there was a previously issued trench permit to provide a power conduit from Euclid Street to the property’s existing antennas.Acting Associate Planner Kusch indicated the Staff Site Plan Review Committee approved a similar antenna request in April 2005.Subsequent to the approval, a biological site assessment was conducted.The findings from the site assessment identified the property’s potential to contain environmentally sensitive plant and animal species.As a result, the biologist (from Michael Brandman Associates) who prepared the report recommended limiting grading and building activity to previously disturbed areas.The current proposal indicates an additional utility trench.Acting Associate Planner recommended that there be no additional trenching allowed unless there is some assessment of environmental impact and whether any mitigation is required.Acting Associate Planner Kusch stated that the previous antenna approval should have gone to the Planning Commission because it was technically not exempt from applicable requirements from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).Acting Associate Planner Kusch recommended that the proposed antenna utilize the existing utility trench.If new trenching was required, then the project may not be exempt from CEQA requirements and review by the Planning Commission.

Acting Associate Planner Kusch commented that the proposed antenna location was not meeting the suggested antenna setback from an arterial street (Euclid Street).He indicated that due to the building site’s higher elevation than Euclid Street, the reduced setback may not contribute to an adverse visual impact from Euclid Street.He stated the Committee is making a recommendation to Council in terms of approving the lease agreement and the plans.

Chairman Rosen asked if there currently is an existing monopine.The applicant said yes.Acting Associate Planner stated the proposed monopine would be a third monopine.

Chairman Rosen asked if staff required any landscaping or planting materials for any of the other projects.Acting Associate Planner Kusch answered that on the previous proposals it was not identified that that would be necessary.He stated that since the trench occurred some time ago, the chaparral and sage scrub has since grown back.The biologist that conducted the site assessment could not rule out the possibility of the nesting of environmentally sensitive species.

Committee Member Lopez asked if it would be possible to have a paved road to the site.Committee Member Thompson said there is currently no Fire Department access and is a standard requirement.Chairman Rosen stated there are remote facilities that don’t always have remote access.

Acting Associate Planner Kusch stated that Water Engineering said there will be a need to post bonds and pull permits.

Chairman Rosen said there needs to be more discussion about any improvements made to the access road.He said typically a dirt road would not be allowed to access a commercial type of facility such as the one being proposed.Chairman Rosen stated there needs to be some type of erosion control for fire and safety issues.

Mr. Koos explained why he would not be co-locating on the existing monopine.He said the price for the ground lease space is fixed and there is no price relief for collocating.Mr. Koos said in order for them to co-locate on the existing pine they will have to pay the City and the power company.If the City treated co-location differently in the lease or offered a discount, his service would probably co-locate to the proposed monopine.Acting Associate Planner Kusch said he would prefer that option because of the way it relates to the trenching and the potential environmental constraints of the property.

Chairman Rosen recommended that the project be continued for two weeks, in order to have a discussion regarding the lease agreements.

Committee Member Villagracia discussed an initial deposit of $5,000 required from Mr. Koos’ company Metro PCS/Royal Street Communications.

MOTION made by Committee Member Lopez, SECONDED by Committee Member Thomspon and CARRIED unanimously by all voting members present to CONTINUE project to the next meeting.

Item No. 4


Acting Associate Planner Kusch provided a staff report for a request of a minor site plan to allow a five-foot encroachment into the required front yard setback for a proposed garage on property located at 570 Green Acre Drive (south side of Green Acre Drive at the intersection of Highland Avenue) (R-1- zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15303 of CEQA Guidelines) (Continued from December 1, 2005 SRC meeting) (AKU).

Acting Associate Planner Kusch stated that the applicant is requesting a reduction from the required 35 foot setback down to 30 feet.He stated that the previous request included a circular driveway, which would need to eliminate one of the street trees.At the time, the Committee continued the item and suggested that the driveway be centered to eliminate the removal of the street tree.Acting Associate Planner Kusch said he received a call from one of the neighbors who had some concerns with the previous request, but had no objections to the revised project.Staff is recommending approval and stated that the applicant has addressed the previous concerns.The applicant, Alvin Mullins, explained they didn’t want to remove the tree.Chairman Rosen recommended that the setbacks be as far away as possible.

Acting Associate Planner Kusch stated the plans also reflect an extension the residence along the east side of the property.

Mr. Mullins said he had changed the plans according to the Committee’s previous recommendations.He complimented Acting Associate Planner Kusch on an excellent job presenting the project.

Acting Associate Planner Kusch stated that Water Engineering had identified some items including:

  • Show the water meter on the plans.
  • Relocate the existing water meter
  • Bonds, fees and permits would be required
  • Abandon the existing meter and install a new service. Chairman Rosen clarified that the existing meter is undersized for the proposed project.

Chairman Rosen recommended the following conditions:

  • Applicant may be required to have the meter upgraded.
  • Adding the text “protect in place” to the construction drawings.

MOTION made by Committee Member Thompson, SECONDED by Committee Member Villagracia and CARRIED unanimously by all voting members present to APPROVE the project with CONDITIONS.

Meeting ADJOURNED at 10:25 a.m. as Staff Review Committee.

Ruth Leopold, Clerical Support