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Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 3, 2005

Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 3, 2005

THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., NOVEMBER 3, 2005

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Rosen called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.
COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Eastman, Petropulous, Rosen, Tabatabaee, Thompson, and Voronel
OTHERS PRESENT: Dennis Borgogno, applicant and property owner.


October 20, 2005 minutes APPROVED with changes. Eastman noted the height of the cell tower was listed incorrectly on the last page.



ZON05-00092 - ZON05-00092. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: DENNIS BORGOGNO. A request to install security fencing for a 26-unit apartment complex located at 2406-2410 West Commonwealth Avenue (southwest corner of Commonwealth and Jensen Avenue) (R-3 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15303 of CEQA Guidelines) (Continued from October 6, 2005) (AKU).

Planner Kusch reviewed the concerns from a previous meeting regarding the project. He stated revised plans were needed to reflect comments from that meeting namely the issue of the swing gate. The concern raised was it was swinging toward the apartments thus blocking the potential egress of the windows from the apartments. The committee recommended that the gate swing toward the west property line. However, the location of the gate had a conflict with the existing trash bins located in the drive aisle. Planner Kusch stated there was not an adequate turnaround area for people who cannot access the gate, thus they would have to back out unto Commonwealth Avenue.

The committee recommended the gate be closer to Commonwealth Avenue to a depth of one car length so that a car that stopped at the gate would still be outside the sidewalk, yet essentially back out of the driveway if they could not access the gate.

Mr. Kusch asked the applicant if he had the revised plans that reflected those concerns.

Applicant and property owner Dennis Borgogno was present and said yes. He presented a new set of plans with his understanding of moving the gate 10 ft. closer to the street.

The ped gate proposed is 36 inches and the operating mechanism requires 2 ft. taking up 5 ft of the 20 ft driveway. He proposed a handrail to keep the garbage cans from getting back into the swing area of the gate. To the left area of the ped gate entrance/swing arm is another handrail with mesh.

Senior Planner Eastman had no concerns and said the project entailed what was discussed before.

Committee Member Thompson said the solution looks good, but would have to run it past his boss to get a waiver on the 15 ft, since it's less than the required code width. He stated a 20-ft width was provided when the apartment was built, for fire access.

Chief Planner Rosen asked Committee Member Thompson if the committee would approve the project conditional subject to the approval of the fire marshall?

Committee Member Thompson said yes once the applicant submits a waiver letter with the plan attached and approved prior to issuance of any permits.

Committee Member Tabatabaee asked about the width of the ped gate. He said it needs to swing out and be flat on both sides. He asked if he had a panic harbor or automatic push bar.

Mr. Borgogno answered the width of the ped gate is 3 ft. with no lock. However, it is a locked gate from the outside.

Committee Member Tabatabaee said it has to be situated without the special knowledge the door can be opened without keys and gave an example.

The committee discussed other similar mechanisms that can be used and Chief Planner Rosen asked if there was a specific code or provision that can be referenced.

Committee Member Tabatabaee said Chapter 10 and 11 of the California Building Code. He stated it has to have approved hardware without a special knowledge. Hardware has to be situated where the person exiting without a special knowledge.

Committee Member Thompson asked if people would enter with a card reader? Mr. Borgogno said a clicker would be needed and a Knox box would be added for fire department access.

Committee Member Thompson said fire would only accept a Knox key switch, not a box, and explained why. Chief Planner Rosen said a box would be needed at the other gate.

Planner Kusch clarified the Knox box would be needed at the ped gates.

Senior Planner Eastman asked what the height of the gate would be. Mr. Borgogno answered 6 ft. with no pickets on top.

Committee Member Voronel and Chief Planner Rosen questioned the exit/entrance and how the cars would queue up to exit if the gate swings toward them. Would people know where to stop so they would not be hit by the gate?

The committee recommended a stripe or speed bump to be placed to direct the cars and reviewed some options with Mr. Borgogno.

Mr. Borgogno reviewed his concerns with the trash bins and said he would like to place the bins behind the gate.

Chief Planner Rosen reviewed the 10-day appeal period with the applicant.

MOTION made by Committee Member Tabatabaee SECONDED by Senior Planner Eastman to APPROVE with conditions stated below: (Resolution No. 433)
  1. The applicant shall submit a letter to the City of Fullerton Fire Marshall to obtain a possible waiver for reduced driveway width for emergency access purposes. A copy of the letter shall be forwarded to the Development Services Department.
  2. The pedestrian door in proposed swing gate shall be subject to review and approval by the City's Building Division and be subject to applicable Building Code requirements including but not limited to:

    1. The direction of the door shall swing outward toward Commonwealth Avenue

    2. The door shall be equipped with panic hardware that requires no "special knowledge" to open (i.e., a key for exit is prohibited).

    3. An exit sign shall be placed near the pedestrian gate.

  3. A Knox key switch shall be installed on the driveway swing gate for Fire and Police Department emergency access. Installation of the Knox key switch shall be subject to review and approval from the Fire Department.

  4. A Knox box shall be installed for the pedestrian entrance to the apartment complex. Installation of the Knox box shall be subject to review and approval from the Fire Department.

  5. The final plans shall contain the same information from the plans approved by the Staff Site Plan Review Committee.

  6. All corrections generated by the plan check review process shall be incorporated as conditions of approval.
PRJ05-00655 - ZON05-00086. APPLICANT: PETE SHUBIN; PROPERTY OWNER: CITY OF FULLERTON. A request to co-locate a cellular antenna inside the Coyote Hills clock tower and add 10 feet to the tower on property located at 2100 North Gilbert Street (northeast corner of Gilbert Street and Rosecrans Avenue) (PRD-O zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15303 of CEQA Guidelines) (Continued from October 6, 2005) (AKU).

Item #2 on the agenda was continued to a date uncertain. MOTION to CONTINUE made by Chief Planner Rosen. SECONDED by Senior Planner Eastman.