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Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes AUGUST 4, 2005

Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes AUGUST 4, 2005

THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., AUGUST 4, 2005

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Rosen called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m
COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Mullis, Petropulos, Rosen, Thompson, Voronel
STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Eastman, Kusch, and Norton


July 21, 2005 approved as written. Rosen was not present at the last meeting and abstained from voting.



PRE-05-00036. APPLICANT: ST. JULIANA'S CATHOLIC CHURCH; PROPERTY OWNER: DIOCESE OF ORANGE. A special event request for a church carnival, to be held on September 30, October 1, and October 2, 2005, on property located at 1316 North Acacia Avenue (northeast corner of Acacia Avenue and Melody Lane) (R-1-10 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines). (JE).

Ron Castle, with St. Juliana's Church said due to complaints from a neighbor during last year's festival, the churches' planning committee decided to move the site from the lawn to the pavement. Associate Planner Eastman asked if the hours of operation would remain the same as last year, and advised the applicant that the Building Department would require two regular and two handicapped portable restrooms. Mr. Castle stated that the hours of operation were extended one hour as indicated on the application, and that the restroom requirements would be provided but moved to a different location as requested by the Fire Department.

Associate Planner Eastman said staff would provide the church a letter specifying the conditions of approval.

MOTION made, SECONDED, and CARRIED unanimously to APPROVE PRE05-00036 as conditioned per letter of approval.

SITE PLAN SP-454A. APPLICANT: JUAN CORONA; PROPERTY OWNERS: CORNELIO H. QUINTERO AND MARICELA NAJERA. A request to modify an existing site plan to accommodate an addition consisting of a new bedroom, expansion of two existing bedrooms, a laundry room, and a new bathroom, to one of the existing residences located at 504 Williamson Avenue (south side of Williamson Avenue, between approximately 52 and 104 feet west of the southwest corner of Williamson and Richman Avenues) (R-3 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of CEQA Guidelines). (AK)

Juan Corona, applicant was present to discuss the request.

Assistant Planner Kusch said in 1986 the site plan was approved to relocate the front house. This request would modify that site plan. The house to the rear has four bedrooms. The applicant is proposing to enlarge two of the bedrooms, add a laundry room, and an additional bedroom resulting in the house at the back having four bedrooms. The City's records do not indicate the number of bedrooms in the front house.

The rear property, at the time the site plan was approved in 1986, required four carports. The project meets the open space requirements, but is short one guest parking space.

There was some discussion as to whether one bedroom would need to be eliminated in order to meet the guest parking requirements. After revisiting Section 15.20.060 of the Municipal Code, staff determined that eliminating a bedroom would not need be required.

Staff noted that two structures in the front were not included on the site plan and asked the applicant to clarify their use.
  1. The applicant shall modify the submitted site plan to include a floor plan of the front residence. The plan shall identify all structures on the property. Any illegal non-permitted structures shall be removed from the property prior to issuance of Building Permit.

  2. Garages or carports shall not be used for storage purposes.

  3. The construction hours shall be limited to 7-8 Mon.-Sat.

  4. A landscape plan shall be provided indicating replacement landscaping and irrigation.

  5. The addition shall be finished in a way that is architecturally compatible with the existing buildings.

  6. All man gates will be equipped with panic hardware and Knox boxes. Any vehicular security gates shall be equipped with key overrides, exit loops, and remote controls for access by Police and Fire.

  7. Approved numbers of addresses shall be placed on all new and existing buildings in such a position as to be plainly visible and legible from the street or road fronting the property and alley serving said property. Said numbers shall contrast with their background. For front address numbers, the Fire Department recommends a height of 1 inch for every 10 feet from the street (14-inch maximum); 2 to 3 inch numbers for rear numbers mounted above the doors.

  8. There shall be a 4-foot wide access to the rear from the main street.

  9. A doorbell button or buzzer shall be installed at the front gates and connected to the rear unit.

  10. Security lighting shall be provided in the alley.
MOTION made, SECONDED, and CARRIED unanimously to APPROVE SITE PLAN SP-454A as conditioned. (Resolution No. 424)

There is a 10-day appeal period where any action by this Committee can be appealed to the Planning Commission and ultimately to the City Council. The request may be approved subject to conditions. Minutes of the hearing and a Resolution will be prepared.