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RDRC Minutes June 23, 2005

RDRC Minutes June 23, 2005


Thursday June 23, 2005 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:08 p.m. by Chairman Daybell


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Daybell, Committee Members Duncan and Hoban
STAFF PRESENT: Rosen, Eastman, Bunim, Baker


Member Duncan asked for the tree name on page 8 be corrected to Elderica.

MOTION by Member Hoban, seconded by Member Duncan

Minutes of the May 26, 2005 meeting were approved as AMENDED by a vote of - 0.

4:00 p.m. Session



1. PRJ05-00411 - ZON05-00048. APPLICANT: RICK MOSER; PROPERTY OWNER: LUIS PALOMARES. A request to add a detached, two-story dwelling unit and four-car garage to a lot currently developed with a single family residence located at 121 E. Union Avenue (generally located on the north side of Union Avenue 285 to 339 feet east of the centerline of Harbor Boulevard) (R-2 Zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15303 of the CEQA Guidelines).

Associate Planner Eastman presented the staff report dated June 23, 2005. He explained that Assistant Planner Kusch proposal to build a second unit, Two family residential preservation zone in a Redevelopment area New construction requires committee view to determine compatibility and compliance. Property is improved with single family resident detached garage. Built 1915 with an addition to front of residence as a beauty shop. Detached garage built in 1970. Two story, three bedroom, two bath second unit. Requires removal of existing detached garage. Built subsequent to original residence, not integral to historic character of the property. Garage is in the rear and not readily visible. Staff believes it is not part of the historic fabric of the property. May be removed, pursuant to design guidelines.

Floor plan indicates a four car garage on the first floor with a laundry room. Three bedrooms, living and kitchen. Entry to second floor proposed balcony at the front of the residence. Seen from Union Avenue. Original residence Intent of preservation guildelines. Arch and Massing.

Altered from original state, change of siding to stucco. Vinyl slider windows. New residence is more complimentary to neighboring residences. Photo attached to the report. Proposed architecture wood siding with corner boards. More in tune with period architecture of the neighborhood. Meets intent of design guidelines and com imp dist. Staff recommends approval. Applied and meets .

Member Hoban plans for new structure. Utilities brought in new or existing brought to the second unit. From the pole, or underground. Assistant Planner Kusch underground. Associate Planner Eastman off the street, second unit have it's own meter. Underground it. Not a condition, but a standard code requirement.

Member Hoban Code requiring trash enclosures for the back alley. Associate Planner Eastman no, duplex,trash is maintained in garage and taken to the street.

Chairman Daybell power coming from rear of existing house. Two stories, wire must be moved.

Member Duncan four foot walkway, in compliance with that. Assistant Planner Kusch because of the setback it would accommodate a walkway, is not shown. Assistant Planner Kusch does not have to go through Union. Fire Code access from a public right of way.

Gina Palomares, 121 E. Union Avenue

Chief Planner Rosen arrived at 4:20 p.m.

Member Hoban toured comfortable with it. With staff's recommendations.

Member Duncan works out well, Two doors facing existing dwelling exit into yard. Provide same separation as the doors next to the alley so that the spacing matches.

12 inch space, make it wider to match the doors between the garage.

Member Hoban Two different style doors. One above does not match.

Committee discussed the doors.

Chairman Daybell reason using siding instead of stucco in the addition. Assistant Planner Kusch what they brought in their proposal

Associate Planner Eastman craftsman style uses wood or imitation style siding. Appearance of stucco more on Spanish style.

Chairman Daybell likes what he sees, new house will be a welcome addiiton

Member Hoban move approval with doors being widened.

Applicant has read the staff report and is in agreement with the conditions.

Member Duncan second

2. PRJ04-01060 - ZON04-00109. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: ADOLFO URRUTIA. A request to construct a new 3-bedroom unit on a lot currently developed with a single 2-bedroom unit (generally located on the north side of E. Amerige Avenue, 130 feet west of Balcom Avenue) (R-2P Zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15303 of the CEQA Guidelines).

Assistant Planner Kusch property zoned R-2-P preserve redevelopment area. Second unit to rear of property. Site currently improved with single family residence at the front of the property. Rear has a two car garage, needs to be demolished. Orig. residence in front 1919 and subsequent improvements, patio cover in 1974 garage in 1952 Proposing three care garage on the first floor with living bedroom, kitchen. Second floor, two bedrooms, bathroom and a balcony.

Assistant Planner Kusch arch proposing lap siding attached to treport manufacturer's specification for lap siding. Composite shingles. Balcony is adjacent to minimum side yard setback would require a screen wall for privacy concerns. Rec. conditions of approval to require a screen wall along the west elevation. Review proposed residential design is compatible to exist and immediate area.

Redevelopment area, proposal should improve the appearance of this part of the city. Recommended Condition of approval type of windows, trim and sills. Double or single hung windows part of the proposal. Condition of Approval Zoning code - working with applicant four times. Revisions. This meets zoning code FAR and min open space requirements - wouldn't count existing driveway to open space.

Preservation Encourage ribbon driveways. Recommending that the existing driveway be ribbon cut, to count to open space require. Then it meets requirements. Condition of Approval existing solid hedge over 3 ft. height. Backing out of driveway, code. Trimmed to no more than three feet. As conditioned, proposal meets the intent of the preserve. Guidelines. Recommend approval.

Site triangle for view, or height. Member Duncan Assistant Planner Kusch both corner cutoff. Can't have solid hedges, regardless of the driveway. Not over three feet. Continuous hedges.

Chairman Daybell how far is the setback.

Assistant Planner Kusch minimum of 20 foot setback in R-2-P zone. Average. neighbor's setbacks. Aerial photo was referred to.

Chairman Daybell hedge on this property or the adjoining property. Assistant Planner Kusch if it is not their property would follow up with the neighbor to enforce the code. Looks like it is on the applicant's property.

Member Duncan take out the driveway strip would they meet open space. Assistant Planner Kusch barely. Slight surplus with ribbon cut driveway. Counts visual open space. Usable min. dimension of 10 feet.

Minimum driveway width, Assistant Planner Kusch encourage 9 feet. Existing width is more than that. 3.5 feet of driving surface on each side 1.5 feet for the strip in the center.

Chairman Daybell w/o the strip how much would they have to reduce the building size? Assistant Planner Kusch based on number of bedrooms 2,000 of usable open space. Not counting driveway, but visual open space barely meet the requirements.

Associate Planner Eastman asked Assistant Planner Kusch not currently counting, but they are in compliance. Assistant Planner Kusch need to shift parking space from 19 feet from the edge.

Member Hoban current residence not modified, other than the demo of the back porch. Assistant Planner Kusch could condition that the existing residence be improved. This proposal is the back residence.

Associate Planner Eastman typically we don't address the existing structures. If they've made modifications without a permit, would be addressed. Removing porch look at what is left on the back of the building. Removal of siding or fixing the cause of removal.

Assistant Planner Kusch correction to the staff report. Remove Valencia on staff report to Amerige Plans spelled Amerige with an E.

Member Hoban back door of existing unit had a back porch similar to existing structure. Non-enclosed porch could count to open space.

Public hearing opened.

Public hearing closed.

Member Duncan likes the project. Steps back towards the alley and rises in elevation, good relationship well thought out. Recommended the one wall interior hall slider exiting to balcony. Not relating to anything design-wise. Angled wall could be done better. Allows a doorway. Stairwell in elevation tower is bland, maybe dress it up with windows. One thing that stands out.

Guillermo pointed out window. Portion faces existing residence. Member Duncan long window suggested. Front of the new addition is exposed to the street, consider condition of approval pilasters or column bases match the front unit, brings cohesiveness to it.

Assistant Planner Kusch materials or proportion. Member Duncan proportions.

Member Hoban in proportion to the new porch. Member Duncan discuss. Member Hoban space is small for those big elements. Proportion them down to the size of the porch. Narrower width. Guillermo porch is not as big.

Chairman Daybell miniature version of the front porch.

Member Hoban liked the step affect of the building, likes the ribbon cut driveway idea. Echos what was said. Discuss once the back porch is demolished. Secondary matching porch. Few homes on the block that have a whirly style vent. Take that off of the front house. Match the new addition. Attic must be vented, Nice improvement in back.

Guillermo another porch in the back to affect the open space. Assistant Planner Kusch leave it open.

Chairman Daybell take action on it. Member Hoban his recommendation if there is support, condition it.

Assistant Planner Kusch also recommending that the whirly vents be removed. Member Hoban have different attic ventilation to match. Loovered, vented in the gable.

Applicant has read and is in agreement. Applicant was in agreement. G his concern was on the windows. Recessed windows. Windows already have the nail flashing. Associate Planner Eastman staff's concern that don't do that. Two ways - purchase windows for masonry w/o nail flanges so they can be recessed. Frame out the window larger and have a recessed 2 x 4 2 x 3 inside to nail flashing.

Associate Planner Eastman significant concerns, windows add character to the neighborhood.

Chairman Daybell very disappointed that G & A drafting services did not know how to spell. Before a permit is issued, the spelling must be corrected. Not excited about the ribbon cut driveway. Option. Staff - meets open space. Rather leave it as an option. New owner might change the driveway. Optional. Endorsed after demo of porch, all arch blends is important. Open back porch.

Criticized - spelling Like the project Member Duncan idea slanted wall, make it at a right angle.

Surprised that the spelling is not corrected, ribbon cut driveway not conditioned. No other ribbon driveways in the area. Resolve the hedge height issue.

Associate Planner Eastman other projects approved in the area. Security in the area. Have applicant identify security lighting soffit or wall lighting. Motion lighting. Garage, back of the alley. Plans indicate soffit on the garage.

Chief Planner Rosen in order to meet open space requirement must shorten drive on the greenscape. Compromise instead of landscaping, extend ribbon drive. Remove existing driveway and plant it.

Associate Planner Eastman plans, as submitted do not meet code.

Assistant Planner Kusch clarification on security lighting. Prior to submittal issuance of bldg permits. Indicate lighting security on plans. Soffit or wall lighting on the porch. Locations for motion sensor lighting on driveway or side yard. All lighting screened to avoid direct lighting on neighboring properties,nuisance.

MOTION by Member Duncan to approve with staff recommended Lighting Second Condition of Approval proposed unit's front porch post bases compliment in height and material the front post bases. Third second story wall leading to the balcony be revised to be perpendicular to wall surfaces and not angled. To staff's approval. Increase size of the porch on the second unit.

Member Hoban if duplicated in

Member Duncan height be same.

Existing residence small porch Like in kind porch.

Chairman Daybell rear of existing house be arch compatible with the, Member Duncan ribbon driveway either/or landscaping next to the reduced driveway. Architectural elements added to the staircase. 6. window treatment added to the porch stairwell to add light. Staff approval. 7. Service correct spelling on plans. Whirly vent replaced with similar ventilation. Associate Planner Eastman metal dormer, height reduced. Not visible from the street. Second by Member Hoban

Passed by 3 - 0.


Associate Planner Eastman appointment made to fill Oscar Johnson's seat. Term expires in 2006 Appointee is Ellis Cha. Has a background in civil engineering, studied C.E. practiced construction management. President Of Civil Constructors. General Contractor in Rosemead. Other businesses in county. Just found out today, have not spoken with him.

Member Duncan will not be at the next meeting.

Associate Planner Eastman Planning Commission Sunrise, Providence 7/6 7/13 Com, Mtg. for Jacaranda traffic and general plan issues.

Member Hoban Sunrise comes back if planning approves the use. City Council approves use. Written condition. Applicant had concerns with it coming back to the RDRC. Draft conditions. Chief Planner Rosen substantial conformance condition. Plans submitted could send them back.

Associate Planner Eastman made revisions, new plans. Recommended conditions. Make a motion, plan to recommend to Planning Commission and City Council .

No special meetings planned. Associate Planner Eastman nothing coming except for submittal yesterday - single family residence. Sensitive project, in neighborhood context. Code may not require RDRC approval.

Member Hoban asked about the pizza to City Council next. Proposed changing plans w/o outdoor dining. Handicap issues. Back to Wrought iron, planters, replacing tree well.

Chairman Daybell skip the 7/14 meeting. Chief Planner Rosen one item likely to go. If they can't get a quorum. Applicant was told they could expedite in parameters of the code.

Chairman Daybell Valley View, adjacent to potential landmark district. Rezone district to preservation zone. How is that going? Community meeting vocal against it. Chief Planner Rosen schism in the community. Between Richman and Woods.along Valley View down to

Concern on how it could change, maintain character of the neighborhood. Concerned with the development. Large home. Balance the issues. Cultural resources issue to address. Within staff's purview. Forum for public debate.

Member Duncan how is preservation zone determined. Associate Planner Eastman City Council vote by them. Legislative South side is landmark not preservation. Grandview, Richman, Fern. Application includes this proposed home. Brookdale, different application. Member Duncan

Associate Planner Eastman rec'd application 300 400 Block of W. Brookdale. Contemplating a community meeting.

3,000 basement 5,000 s.f. home west of Richman.

Associate Planner Eastman property rights, city's ability to dictate what they can do. Involved into a positive eclectic neighborhood. Regulatory scheme will not allow that to continue. Charm of the neighborhood is the eclecticness. Member Duncan Show past projects?

Associate Planner Eastman informational meeting to go over the code and the changes, process, technical standard changes. People wanted to debate, staff was not intending to. Another meeting will allow them to express their concerns.

Chairman Daybell update Transportion Center - good community ideas. Workshop at tables for visions of downtown. Improving landscaping on Chapman. Associate Planner Eastman diversity of views. Aerial photograph. Where should the tall building game pieces. Density color strip of arrows for main circulation of traffic. No one wanted to demolish downtown and put high rises. 6 - 8 stories was considered tall. No high rises Not interested in tearing out trees, more trees. Not conducive pedestrians on Harbor. Accentuate what is already there. Harbor is busy.

Chairman Daybell Make Harbor one-way southbound Lemon Northbound, good input.

Chief Planner Rosen good facilitator, good design senses.


MOTION by Member Hoban to adjourn, seconded by Member Duncan passing by a vote of 3 - 0. Meeting adjourned at 5:27 p.m.