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RDRC Minutes January 13, 2005

RDRC Minutes January 13, 2005


Thursday January 13, 2005 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:07 PM by Chairman Daybell


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Daybell; Vice Chair Silber; Committee Members Duncan and Johnson
PUBLIC PRESENT: Joann Reina and Mario Caldera
STAFF PRESENT: Rosen, Eastman, Dew


Minutes of the November 18, 2004 and December 9, 2004 meetings were approved as written by a vote of 4 0.


Associate Planner Eastman introduced PRJ04-00588 ZON04-00060, which is a request to install a free standing Automated Teller machine (ATM) on the property located at 444 North Harbor Boulevard.

Associate Planner Eastman stated that this is a project that was reviewed by the RDRC September 23, 2004. The RDRC and staff had concerns with the proposed location of the ATM, and suggested that Wells Fargo look into additional locations and return for further review. The RDRC also requested that Wells Fargo provide more information and details regarding signage. According to the applicant, Wells Fargo looked at different locations; but ultimately decided that the present location is the only one that is suitable. At this time, Staff recommends denial of the application, and if the RDRC should choose to approve Staff has listed a number of conditions.

There being no questions for staff, Chairman Daybell opened the discussion to the public.

Wells Fargo Representative, JoAnn Reina reported that the reason Wells Fargo chose the proposed location is visibility, and it is not their desire to be denied. There was a question asked of Staff as to whether the RDRC could deny the project due to a potential safety concern.

Associate Planner Eastman indicated that there is a concern that customers will park in the street and bus lane. He indicated that the location is integral to the design and safety. The public right-of-ways are a concern of the City. He also pointed out that the design of this project is not compatible with the sites architecture, and is not consistent with the Downtown Design Guidelines. Staff has also identified that this project eliminates landscaping on Chapman Avenue, which Staff believes is a detriment to the community and the vicinity.

Chief Planner Rosen pointed out that the Committee could deny without prejudice, which means that Wells Fargo can re-apply at any time.

There being no further public comments, Chairman Daybell turned the meeting over to the Committee for discussion.

Committee Member Johnson concurred with Staff, and recommended denial of the project. Committee Member Silber indicated that he sees no attempt by Wells Fargo to address the issues previously brought up by the Committee. He also recommends denial.

Motion made by Committee Member Duncan, seconded by Committee Member Johnson and carried by all those present to deny PRJ04-00588 without prejudice.


Assignment of RDRC Terms to Council Seats.

Associate Planner Eastman informed the Committee that effective this year City Council Members will be directly appointing Committee Members for the RDRC. As a result of the revisions to the committee selection process, each member will randomly select a Council Member to whom they will be assigned. The City Clerk has asked that any person whose position expired in December 2004 remain in that position until an appointment can be made.

The following selections were made:

Chairman Daybell - Council Member Jones
Committee Member Duncan - Council Member Bankhead
Committee Member Silber - Mayor Pro Tem Wilson
Committee Member Johnson - Council Member Quirk
Committee Member Coffman (absent) - Mayor Nelson was selected by default.

Committee Member Silber questioned whether the current positions of Chair and Vice Chair could remain the same for the time being. Associate Planner Eastman indicated that the Committee could vote to re-elect the same people.

Motion made by Committee Member Silber, seconded by Committee Member Johnson, carried by all those present to vote to re-elect Committee Member Daybell as Chairman and Committee Member Duncan as Vice Chairman. The motion passed unanimously.


Associate Planner Eastman informed the Committee that there are three community neighborhood meetings scheduled.

  • University Heights Community Meeting/Elks Lodge 1/19/05
  • Jacaranda Senior Apartment Project Community Meeting 2/16/05
  • Providence Center Community Meeting (Sunnycrest & Laguna Dr.) 2/22/05

Also scheduled on February 3, 2005, is an RDRC Study Session regarding the Providence Center Project.

There being no further business, Chairman Daybell adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Georgi Dew
Clerical Support