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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes

March 15, 2006

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman McNelly called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.
MEMBERS PRESENT: Avera, McNelly, Adamson, McCormack, Mitchell
MEMBERS ABSENT: Twineham, Mathy
STAFF PRESENT: Associate Planner Allen, Clerical Support Norton
APPROVAL OF: Minutes of February 15, 2006 continued to next regular meeting


a. Introduction of new members

Two new members were recently appointed to the Committee by the City Council. John Avera introduced himself; talked about his career and his interest in become a Committee Member. The Committee is looking forward to meeting their second appointed member, Kevin Mathy, who was unable to attend this month's meeting.


a. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Chairman McNelly was re-nominated as Chairman, seconded by Committee Member McCormack and carried by all members present. Committee Member McCormack nominated Elaine Mitchell for Vice Chair, seconded by Committee Member Adamson and carried by all members present. Both members accepted the chairmanships.

b. Recommendation to the City Council regarding International Compost Awareness Week, May 7 -13, 2006.

Chairman McNelly said that he has been active for many years in the United States Composting Council, and each year the Council proclaims an International Composting Awareness Week. Last year the Committee made a recommendation to the Council that the City participate in Composting Awareness Week. With upcoming composting events (Compost Giveaway in April, and a workshop in June) he said he would like to see the City participate again this year.

MOTION made by Committee Member Adamson, SECONDED by Committee Member McCormack and CARRIED by all those present to recommend to the City Council that the City participate in the annual International Composting Awareness Week through making a proclamation.


a. Update on City Council action regarding committee membership

Chairman McNelly recapped the City Council action regarding the number of at-large members. He stated that City Council Member Shawn Nelson proposed a total membership of between 5 and 11, that would be adjusted based on the number of appointments. The Council adopted this change.

b. 2006 Goals

Chairman McNelly stated that the Committee has submitted the 2005 Report according to the Charter, and will be forming goals for 2006. He suggested that the agenda include Old Business.

Staff distributed draft 2006 goals, including topics to be covered and stated the list was comprised from prior ERMC Committee Member requests as well as upcoming issues. Staff suggested that when the schedule is formalized, Committee Members could prepare themselves for the topics to be discussed and bring on-topic information that they may wish to share with the Committee.

Chairman McNelly said he would like to invite Water System Manager, Dave Schickling to update the Committee on water conservation overall. Committee Member McCormack said he would like to have the information before the summer. Chairman McNelly asked staff to invite Mr. Schickling to speak at the May meeting.

Associate Planner Allen informed the Committee that there are some new requirements for electronic waste. Chairman McNelly said the Green Pages should be updated to include any new information. Committee Member Mitchell said it would be helpful if the Green Page update could be coordinated with the timing of the Community Services Booklet that comes out in the fall.

c. Buy Recycled Legislation

Chairman McNelly noted that the State of California has issued new regulations for the purchasing of recycled products. He would like to make sure that the City is aware of the changes. The information is available on
www.leginfo.ca.gov. Associate Planner Allen stated she provided Finance with a copy of a letter from California Integrated Waste Management Board that included a briefing on the legislation.

Committee Member McCormack excused himself from the meeting at 8:15 a.m.

Committee Member Mitchell said she noticed that the School District was not using recycled paper in their mailings to neighbors. She stated that she tries to call people when they send materials on virgin paper. Associate Planner Allen said there is a component of the City's source reduction element that states the City does have a purchasing program in effect to buy recycled products. She is uncertain the extent of a formal policy. She said she would check with Finance.

Chairman McNelly said Synagrow (a composting facility that converts organic materials into premium quality soil products) is giving material to cities for use in their landscaping projects as part of their program to encourage the cities to buy Synagrow soil products. Several cities have already signed up.

d. Update on State Waste Discharge Requirements

Chairman McNelly advised that in April of 2002 the Regional Water Quality Control Board initiated the Waste Discharge monitoring requirements for sewers. The City was required at that time to create a Management Plan. The requirements later became State-wide. The State decided to do a draft and send it out for review and comments; held a public comment meeting in February, and now is in the review process to see whether any part of the requirements should be rewritten. Currently our Management Plan meets all of the requirements.


No member of the public present.



The next ERMC meeting is scheduled for April 19, 2006, 7:30 a.m.

ADJOURNED AT: 8:25 a.m.