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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes February 19 2003

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes February 19 2003

February 19, 2003

Chairman McNelly called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m.
Adamson, Devlin, Hardwick, Hoover, McCormack, McNelly, Mitchell, Murphy, Roberts
Water Systems Manager Carlson, Contract Planner Garcia, Program Planner Linnell, and Clerical Support Thompson
Minutes of the October 16, 2002 meeting were APPROVED as written.

Chairman McNelly introduced the newest committee member, Thaddeus McCormack. Those in attendance introduced themselves to Committee Member McCormack.


Chairman McNelly asked for nominations to elect a new Chairman and Vice Chairman. Committee Member Roberts nominated Mr. McNelly to continue as Chairman, for the year 2003; the nomination was seconded by Committee Member Hoover. Committee Member Hardwick nominated Mr. Devlin for Chairman, who respectfully declined due to other obligations. There being no other nominations the election of Chairman McNelly was unanimously approved.

Committee Member Mitchell nominated Mr. Roberts to the office of Vice-Chairman for the 2003 year; it was seconded by Committee Member Adamson. Again, there being no other nominations the election of Vice-Chairman Roberts was unanimously approved.


1. Update on status of Urban Water Management Plan subcommittee - John Carlson

For the benefit of our new committee members Water Systems Manager Carlson explained to the Committee the current status of the City's water supply and contracts as well as water conservation efforts. A subcommittee consisting of Chairman McNelly, Committee Members Hardwick and Hoover has been discussing proposed revisions of the Urban Water Management Plan. The members of this subcommittee agreed to meet with Water Systems Manger Carlson sometime in the near future to review possible changes. Committee Member Hoover recommended that Vice-Chairman Roberts also be included in this discussion, and Vice-Chairman Roberts agreed to be part of this subcommittee.

2. ERMC Accomplishment of 2002

Chairman McNelly reviewed with the committee, their accomplishments for the year 2002. There was some question as to update the information in paragraph one with a more current year. Since the last update was in 2000, the Committee recommended that an additional statement be added to read, "...based on the last recorded information available from CIWMB."

The Committee asked if there are funds available for the Beverage Container Recycling program and the Used Oil Collection program. Program Planner Linnell assured them that the funds were available at the moment, however due to the State's financial crisis, the city will not know if there will be a reduction in the funding for these programs in the future. Chairman McNelly pointed out that the first paragraph under item 7 should read, "...adopted on April 26th 2002."

There being no further comments the Committee unanimously agreed that with the additional changes the ERMC 2002 Accomplishments may be submitted to the City Council reading file.

3. ERMC Goals and Objectives for 2003

The committee reviewed the Goals and Objectives for 2003. Committee Member Mitchell pointed out that part of the committee's goals has been Public Outreach, and she would like to see more community awareness from the committee. Committee Member Hardwick informed the Committee that on Tuesday, April 22nd, the City would be participating in an Earth Day celebration and this would be a great opportunity to inform the public of available conservation and recycling programs. The statement of Goals and Objectives for 2003, were unanimously approved with corrections to add an item to Water and Energy issues, similar to item 4 under Solid Waste Issues.

4. Composting Workshop at Fullerton Arboretum on March 8, 2003

Chairman McNelly discussed the program and the awards that the Composting Workshop has received within the last several years. Committee Member Adamson asked if more press releases could be placed in the Observer and the Register notifying Fullerton residents about this program. Chairman McNelly encouraged the each committee member to take a proactive part in submitting information to the media and agreed that the public needed more information on such programs.

5. Recognition of Compost Awareness Week

Chairman McNelly advised the Committee their Compost Awareness week is scheduled in April, and he would have more information on this event at that time.


Members expressed their gratitude to Contract Planner Garcia for her efforts assisting the Committee over the last year and wished her well in her new endeavors.


Items to be reviewed at a future meeting will include an update on status of recommendations to sewer lateral lines, and the Beverage Container Recycling program and grant.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be March 19, 2003.
Andrea B. Thompson, Clerical Support