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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes December 19, 2001

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes December 19, 2001


Chairman Hardwick called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.


Hardwick, Adamson, Burtner, Hoover, McNelly, Mitchell, Murphy, Roberts


Mahaffey, Pendarvis, Schmidt


Water Systems Engineer Carlson, Associate Planner Viado, and Clerical Support Thompson


Minutes of October 17, 2001 were APPROVED as written WITH CORRECTIONS to Committee member McNelly's comments regarding the Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) permit system not being part of NPDES.


Water Systems Update

Water Systems Engineer John Carlson updated the committee on the current status of the City of Fullerton's Water Systems. Last year he informed the committee of an issue on ground water contamination at the old Hughes site, which Raytheon has done a wonderful job in clean up with no affects to the city's ground water.

Mr. Carlson also spoke to the committee about other water systems issues and projects, including closure of the city well located on Kimberly Avenue in southeast Fullerton and the construction of a new reservoir at the Emery Ranch site in northwest Fullerton. The well on Kimberly Avenue has been taken out of service due to excessive levels of Tetrachloroethylene or Perchlorethene (PCE) contaminating the water, and a new well will be constructed. The new well at the Emery Ranch site was required to be a 1 million gallon tank and was funded by the developer of the new housing tract approved on the property. The city is paying the difference to upgrade the tank to accommodate 3 million gallons.

Mr. Carlson distributed a handout on water production information for Fiscal Year 2001-02. He then provided an explanation of what the numbers and charts represented on the handout.


Chairman Hardwick briefly described the informational brochures he obtained from the County of Orange, which were distributed to committee members through the agenda packet.

Committee member Hoover provided positive comments on the recent advertisements in the Fullerton Observer for the Used Oil Recycling Program. He also stated that several letters to the editor were published in the Observer regarding important items that the public may not be aware of, such as the letter he submitted on storm water pollution issues. He questioned if the committee was interested in continuing these types of letters to the paper. Chairman Hardwick indicated committee members do not need the City's permission to submit these types of letters to the newspapers and are free to speak with the media if they so choose.

Committee member McNelly informed the committee that the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) will be meeting at 9 AM regarding the Orange County NPDES Stormwater Permit. He also indicated that later in the day the Sanitation District would be holding a public workshop on general Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR). Problems associated with control of sanitary overflow, fats, oil, and grease control requirements, waste control, and sewer sanitation, would be discussed at the workshop.

Chairman Hardwick acknowledged that this was committee member Burtner's last meeting and thanked him for his service on the Energy and Resource Management Committee for the past years.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be January 16, 2002.