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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes September 20, 2000

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes September 20, 2000


Chairman Hardwick called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.


Adamson, Hardwick, Hoover, Mahaffey, Murphy, Pendarvis, Pugh, McNelly, Roberts


Schmidt and Burtner


Associate Planner Viado, and Clerical Support Haberman




Minutes of July 19, 2000 were APPROVED as written.


New committee member, Patrick McNelly was introduced by Chairman Hardwick


Beverage Container Recycling Promotion

Associate Planner Viado announced that the City Of Fullerton received a grant from the Department of Conservation for promotion of the beverage container recycling facilities at local elementary and junior high schools. She presented a draft of promotional literature that would be placed in the water bill newsletter (Focus on Fullerton) and local newspapers to encourage and increase participation in the program at the schools.

After a lengthy discussion on ways the ERMC and schools could participate several members contributed the following ideas:

  1. Distribute brochures to students to take home to parents.
  2. Poster contest between students and/or between schools
  3. Ask students to paint the recycle bins with promotional themes.
  4. Promotional programs through the library.
  5. Encourage friendly competition between the schools to challenge which one can achieve the highest dollar value generated by each container.
  6. Defining types of recyclables found in the MURFand their dollar value to bring awareness to the schools and parents .

Associate Planner Viado reported that the annual grant is for approximately $37,000 of which MG Disposal would be paid $23,000 for pickup and processing of the containers. The balance of the grant will be used for public information, promotion, and special events.

Chairman Hardwick summarized that Associate Planner Viado would (1) contact the Superintendent of Schools to find out if they will participate in the grant program (2) contact MG Disposal to determine which schools have the most participation in the program and use this information to encourage all the schools to participate in the Beverage Container Recycling Program.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention/NPDES

The Public Information Section of the Orange County Draft Drainage Area Management Plan (DAMP) was presented by Associate Planner Viado. This section identifies various programs throughout Orange County that are being used to inform and involve the public on effective methods to control non-point source pollution. One of the main issues is to educate the public on the necessary practices to prevent and eliminate hazardous pollution and trash.

Associate Planner Viado stated that Orange County is active in public education through radio spots and printed material, however, Fullerton has not been actively participating. She also suggested the ERMC might want to spearhead a public education program for pollution prevention. Committee member Pugh asked if there is a budget for such a program. Associate Planner Viado responded that as part of the City's Recycling Program, a portion of the AB39 money can be used for public education awareness programs.

Committee member Kelly reiterated that the City of Fullerton, as a permittee, is required to perform certain new commitments each year. The progress is reported in the annual status reports. Following a long discussion it was agreed to put the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program at the top of each meeting agenda for brainstorming and discussion of ideas to accomplish the goals of the commitments. Committee Member Kelly stated the ERMC is an advisory commission to the City of Fullerton and made a motion for the ERMC to ask city staff to bring the City's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Report to a future meeting, so that the committee can decide how they can assist the City in meeting those responsibilities. The motion was approved.


Committee member Hoover commented on the new ordinance regarding the storage of trashcans from public view and indicated it should have been brought to the ERMC for review prior to going forward to the City Council. After further discussion amongst the committee it was suggested that copies of the ordinance be brought to the next ERMC meeting for members to review. Associate Planner Viado indicated this would be done.

Committee member Pugh stated it would be a great service to offer the city ordinances on the Internet. Associate Planner Viado informed committee members that the City is currently working on this project and this service would be provided in the future.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be October 18, 2000.