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1999 Accomplishments

1999 Accomplishments

  1. AB939 Solid Waste Diversion Program

    One of the Committee's responsibilities is to advise/monitor the City's progress toward achieving a 50% solid waste diversion rate by the year 2000, as required under AB 939. The Committee formed a Subcommittee to address this issue, and also began reviewing a proposed amendment to the Source Reduction and Recycling Element (SRRE) prepared by Dr. Stewart Long with the Cal State Fullerton Foundation. A request to amend the City's SRRE has been forwarded to the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) and is pending direction from their Board of Supervisors. The City of Fullerton has been the first agency to address this particular issue with the CIWMB.

  2. Citywide Green Waste Collection Program

    The Committee reviewed results of the Pilot Green Waste Collection Program Survey in the Spring of 1999. Based on survey results, the Committee recommended to the City Council that the program be implemented on a citywide basis. Implementation of this program is expected to increase the City's diversion to approximately 44%.

  3. Used Oil Collection Program

    Another topic of interest in the area of Resource Recovery is the City's Used Oil Collection Program. Committee members reviewed the proposed advertising program prepared by the consultant and recommended distribution of the materials to automotive parts and repair shops to encourage participation in the City's program. An increase in the amount of Certified Collection Centers and public awareness is anticipated as part of the advertising campaign.

  4. Water Resource Management

    A major Committee responsibility is to monitor the City's water production and usage, and to review applicable legislation regarding water quality and emergency water management. Members were provided with a comprehensive presentation on City water resources, toured an Orange County Water District treatment facility in Fountain Valley, and were given special guest presentations on the Orange County Water District's groundwater replenishment system and Master Plan.

  5. Storm Water Pollution/NPDES

    The Committee is also monitoring Storm Water Pollution/National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) issues. Presentations were given by both the County of Orange and City Staff regarding these items. The Committee is dedicated to follow this issue closely, and will make necessary recommendations after further research and information has been gathered.