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CDCC Minutes, February 24, 2003

CDCC Minutes, February 24, 2003

6:30 P.M.

Fullerton Museum


Dr. Jo Ann Brannock
Bob Elliott
Judy Givens
Barbara Leon
Kitty Jaramillo


John Strub
Denise Jensen-Purser
Irene Sandy


Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Sylvia Chavez, Housing Assistant
Terry Keasling, Recording Secretary


Chairperson Brannock called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Ms. Morad advised that City Council appointed a ninth member, Barbara Bambrook. Ms. Bambrook will be having surgery and will not be available until the end of March.


MOTION was made, seconded and CARRIED by members present to approve the Minutes of February 10, 2003 as written.


Each agency below provided information to the committee regarding their proposal.

Hart Community Homes - General Store ($10,000)
Jacqueline Schwalbe - Director of Fund Development

Ms. Schwalbe advised that this agency has two homes in Orange and are expanding their life skills program. This agency purchased a building in Fullerton to be used as a training center for teenaged boys. This project will have a thrift shop where the young men would work to learn to interact and acquire work experience. The building is located at 301 E. Amerige.

The agency hopes to provide a transitional type of home for the boys when they reach the age of eighteen and also to provide a place for young girls. These youths come from Orangewood Juvenile facility and when they reach a certain age it is difficult to place them in foster care.

Committee Member Jaramillo asked how many teens are in each home. Ms. Schwalbe advised there are six kids in each home, all from Orange County.

Chairperson Brannock asked how many are from Fullerton. Ms. Schwalbe advised that most of these boys did not have homes when they went into the system, or were living on the streets with their parents.

Committee Member Leon asked the age of the boys. Ms. Schwalbe said between the ages of 13 and 18. Ms. Leon asked where the children go to school. Ms. Schwalbe advised that the children go to the school nearest to the home.

Committee Member Elliott asked if this agency plans on making a profit with the general store. Ms. Schwalbe advised that is their hope. The boys will be paid to work. Committee Member Elliott asked how the boys will get to and from the store and home. Ms. Schwalbe advised the agency has vans that will take them where they need to go.

Ms. Schwalbe said the boys are supervised at all times, with one staff member per three boys. This agency has 25 staff members including therapists and night management. Ms. Schwalbe hopes to hire a life-skills coach.

Committee Member Givens asked when the store would be opening. Ms. Schwalbe advised as soon as they receive the permits from the city, hopefully by the end of March. Committee Member Givens asked what the operating hours will be. Ms. Schwalbe said from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The boys would work approximately 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Ms. Schwalbe said in the future they would like the building to become a coffee shop, or something of that nature, but no plans have been made at this time.

Meals on Wheels - Home Delivered Meals ($31,134)
Lynn Hanks - Board of Director's Member

Ms. Hanks advised Meals on Wheels serves 95 clients a day and has been providing this service for the past 29 years. The clients are homebound, frail, or people who are temporarily homebound. The volunteers deliver two meals a day, and ask to see how they are doing.

The meals are delivered Monday through Friday with two routes and each route having between 7 and 14 clients. The meals are prepared at three sources; special diets are prepared from St. Jude Hospital or Morningside, and non-restricted diets are prepared from the Senior Center/Feedback Foundation. Every client receives a hot meal and cold meal. The Senior Center also provides a little container of cold cereal and an extra carton of milk.

Any donations clients offer are welcome.

Last year there were 264 volunteers, providing 6,681 hours of service. This coming May they will be serving their one millionth meal.

The reason this agency is requesting a little more money is due to the loss of support from the City of Fullerton Community Services, but they have pursued alternative grants which have produced funds from Pacific Care and the Disneyland Community Service Award.

Olive Crest - Refurbishment of the Virginia House ($27,600)

Ms. Morad advised that the representative from Olive Crest called and would not be able to give a presentation because she was ill.

Marian Homes - Fullerton Renovation Project ($15,000)
Jennifer Byrum - Fund Raising Staff
Mark Bosse - Executive Director

Ms. Byrum explained that this agency initiates, establishes and maintains homes for the developmentally disabled in Southern California. There are two homes in San Gabriel Valley and two in Orange County, soon to be three. The two in Orange County are located in Anaheim, and Fullerton. Six individuals who are capable of living independently live in each of the Orange County homes. In total there are 27 individuals living on these properties.

Ms. Byrum described what the funds from last year have provided. Ms. Byrum advised that this agency has been selected to receive $664,000 from HUD (Section 811 grant). This agency will also be receiving funds from Community Houses Resources through the Orange County Regional Center.

Ms. Byrum reported that HUD is asking this agency to add a fifth unit to the property.

These funds would provide the final touches of rehab which would be indoor and outdoor painting. Boeing will be giving this agency $5,000 to add to the city funding.

Committee Member Elliott asked if this request is granted, would this agency be back next year asking for more funds. Ms. Byrum advised they would not be asking for anymore funds for this property.

Mr. Bosse thanked the committee for last year's contribution.

Orange County Bar Association - Stop Short of Addiction
Karen Ruan - Assistant Executive Director ($30,000)
Ron Gillett - Fullerton Police Sergeant

Ms. Ruan explained that this project targets kids that get in trouble with the law. Some of the kids have drug and alcohol problems which need to be addressed, along with their criminal behavior.

The project is an intensive 12-hour small group session for youths and their families after they have been identified to have a drug or alcohol problem. Then there is a follow-up case plan for each abuser. The program acts as an alternative to prosecution, so if they were picked up for petty theft, and put in this program, they will be receiving the consequences of their criminal behavior and education as well. Reports to the police department verify whether the juveniles have done their diversion services for those offense.

Sergeant Gillett advised that there is a Short Stop program at North Court and feels that the city could use a program like this.

Committee Member Leon asked if the parents have to participate. Ms. Ruan advised they are required to participate.

Committee Member Elliott asked where the care takes place. Ms. Ruan said they work out of the Santa Ana Courthouse for the first session and then two follow-up sessions at the administrative offices in Santa Ana. However, this agency does have access to the Fullerton Court House where the first session could be done, and the follow-up sessions could be somewhere like the Boys and Girls Club.

Committee Member Elliott asked why this agency is asking more of Fullerton than any others. Ms. Ruan advised that they have an $80,000 annual contract with Orange PD.

Committee member Elliott questioned if Fullerton families would be served. Ms. Ruan advised the money funded for this project would only serve Fullerton families.

Committee Member Givens asked the ages of their clients. Ms. Ruan advised anywhere from 11 to 17.

Rebuilding Together - 2003 - 2004 Rebuilding Project
Steve Carpenter - Executive Director ($20,000)

Mr. Carpenter described that this program helps low-income homeowners repair or rehab their homes.

Mr. Carpenter said their goal is to serve 400 households a year; currently it is 100 households a year. Each household average cost is $2,000 but because of the volunteers, donations and grants, they average $8,000 - $10,000 a household.

Committee Member Jaramillo asked how many households were helped last year. Ms. Morad advised there were three households completed last year.

Committee Member Elliott asked how much of the money that was granted last year was spent. Ms. Morad advised $6,800 out of $10,000.

Committee Member Elliott asked if this agency could get by with less than asked for. Mr. Carpenter said they would do fewer households.

Orangethorpe United Methodist Church - Orangethorpe Learning Center
Norman Todd - Director ($12,000)
Margrita & Christina
Chuck Carey - Volunteer

Mr. Todd advised this program provides a place and help to complete homework assignments. There are approximately 40 children each day utilizing this program. The surrounding community volunteers and supports this program.

Christina told the committee what the program has meant to her and her daughter, Margarita, who translated to the committee from sign language.

Through a translator, Mr. Chuck Carey, Bertillia Solares explained in Spanish to the committee how much she appreciates what this program has provided. Ms. Solares also volunteers her time for this program.

Mr. Chuck Carey said that the best thing about this program is the support that is given by the community because it also encourages families to get involved. This program provides kids to be involved in music, visual arts, dance and drama. Many of these kids live in poverty, in crowded apartments and most do not speak English at home. Most of the kids in this area receive free or reduced cost lunches.

Mr. Carey said there are a lot of services provided to many areas of Fullerton, but not much provided in Southwest Fullerton.

Committee Member Jaramillo asked what the hours of operation are. Mr. Carey advised 2:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Three churches, Cal State Fullerton, and Fullerton College support and provide tutors for this program.

Southern California College of Optometry - Future in Sight
Bill Heaton - VP Institutional Advancement ($6,200)

Mr. Heaton advised pediatric vision is one of things that is focused on. This agency screens approximately 8,500 third graders in the City of Fullerton. One of the goals is to work with parents who do not have the resources for vision care. The funding this agency is requesting would help these particular children.

Committee Member Elliott asked how many children would be treated with these funds. Mr. Heaton advised approximately 86 children and then 86 more because this agency matches the grant.

Committee Member Jaramillo asked how this program has been funded in the past. Mr. Heaton had a fee based program where the income is looked at and adjusted to their income.

St. Jude Medical Center - Children's Mobile Health Clinic
Barry Ross - Vice President ($15,000)

Mr. Ross advised they have two mobile clinics, one for children and one for adults. The goal for the children's clinic is to provide medical care for families that do not have the resources. A needs assessment was completed and showed 2,500 uninsured children in Fullerton. This clinic serves 1,000 children at the three Fullerton sites.

On Wednesday the unit is at Lemon Park, the Maple Senior Center, and on Friday the unit is at Orangethorpe Cornerstone United Methodist Church, and on Saturday it is at the Garnet Community Center.

The services provided are immunization, and sick child care such as, colds, asthma, medications, laboratory radiology, vision and hearing screening, and counseling. Almost half the children seen are under the age of five.

The funds that are requested would help provide services to 150 new children that are not being seen in the clinic today.

Wavecrest - Friends of L'Arche (Abraham House)
Karen Carr - Executive Director ($25,000)

This agency provides permanent housing for people with developmental disabilities. This is not based on a familial and relational model.

The target clients are people with disabilities who are dependent on SSI and therefore qualify as low-income. Some of the disabilities are mental retardation, down's syndrome, and autism.

These funds will be used to lease or lease to own a home in Fullerton to serve as the Abraham House. This project will provide housing to six low-income people including four core members and two assistants. In addition the project will involve 60-75 volunteers at the home. There will be weekly out-reach activities for approximately 100 people with disabilities and their families and friends.

Chairperson Brannock asked if this agency has a selected a home. Ms. Carr advised they are looking for a home in Fullerton.

Chairperson Brannock asked how many people would be living in the house. Ms. Carr advised there would be four core members and two assistants that would live with the core members in the house. The members have not been selected yet.

Women's Transitional Living Center - Emergency Shelter
Rosalda Acosta - Shelter Director ($15,000)

This agency's goal is to provide help and education to women and minors under the age of 17 that come from domestic violence situations. Activities include case management, housing, financial assistance, educational classes, and a 24-7 hotline.

The funding would be used as salaries for personnel that would provide these services. Over 95% of WTLC sheltered clients are low to very low-income. Approximately 100 families are serviced by this program.

This shelter is the only shelter in Orange County that will accept clients with substance abuse, or certain mental health problems.

The number of people that will benefit from these funds will be approximately 750 individuals which include families and children. The number of individuals that would benefit from the City of Fullerton would be 125 individuals.

Women's Transitional Living Center - Family Outreach
Rosita Gonzalez - Representative for the Family Outreach Center ($15,000)

This agency provides individual and group counseling, educational classes, a class for victims of domestic violence who are ordered to attend. Clients are also assisted with any court paperwork. Family Outreach is provided to people in the community, as are education, support groups, child therapy, and children's programs.

Committee Member Givens asked if the Outreach Center on Malden is the only one. Ms. Gonzalez advised that is the only Outreach Center in Fullerton and would serve several cities.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.