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CDCC Minutes, February 10, 2003

CDCC Minutes, February 10, 2003

6:30 P.M.

Fullerton Museum


Dr. Jo Ann Brannock
Bob Elliott
Judy Givens
Denise Jensen-Purser
Irene Sandy
John Strub


Barbara Leon
Kitty Jaramillo


Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Terry Keasling, Recording Secretary


Chairperson Brannock called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


MOTION was made, seconded and CARRIED by members present to approve the Minutes of January 27, 2003 as written.


Each agency below provided information to the committee regarding their proposal.

Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Commonwealth Branch ($14,480)
Carole Bartholomew - Director of Development
Fred Johnson, Executive Director
Theresa Harvey - Administrative Director
Mike Lozano - Director of Teen Services
Elvin Campbell - Area Director

Ms. Bartholomew advised the committee that the City Inspector, Mike Austin, conducted an inspection of the Boys and Girls Club and advised that there are additional concerns, one concern being that the facility's bids may be a little low. Ms. Bartholomew stated that they would prioritize by safety and security projects before moving on to their wish list.

Top priorities are doors throughout the facility. Additional repairs are in the boys' bathroom, plumbing and urinals.

Mr. Johnson advised that there might be a leak underneath the floor. It is unknown how extensive the damage is until someone conducts an inspection, which requires having to see underneath the floor.

Committee Member Elliott asked what kind of flooring is in the facility. Mr. Lozano advised tile over concrete.

Chairperson Brannock asked if the facility has a maintenance service. Ms. Bartholomew advised that they call on demand.

Committee Member Strub arrived.

Ms. Morad reported that there is no way to know if there is damage until they dig down to see the problem.

Committee Member Elliott asked how many doors are there in the facility. Mr. Lozano advised ten to twelve doors.

Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Richman Branch ($8, 200)
Carole Bartholomew - Director of Development
Fred Johnson, Executive Director
Theresa Harvey - Administrative Director
Mike Lozano - Director of Teen Services
Elvin Campbell - Area Director

Ms. Bartholomew reported about the condition of the reception area counters. The counters are not appropriate for children because they cannot see over the counter. Other requests include room expansion to provide computer/homework space, replacing carpets and installing exterior lighting for a safe playground.

Ms. Bartholomew pointed out that the priorities of the Boys and Girls Club have changed. It is not so much a facility for athletics but for academics.

Committee Member Sandy asked if the facility is open after dark. Mr. Campbell indicated yes, that during the early winter months, when it starts getting dark at 4:30, the facility closes at 6:00 or 6:15 p.m.

Committee Member Elliott asked what kind of lighting is there currently. Mr. Campbell advised that Kiwanis Club provided three or four free standing lights, but they do not extend to the basketball court or to the picnic table area.

Chairperson Brannock asked how many children are served on a daily basis. Mr. Campbell said approximately 70-85, and during the summer anywhere from 100-110 per day.

Discussion followed on what kind of lighting would be installed, and how much it would cost.

Chairperson Brannock inquired about after-school care. Mr. Campbell advised there is a before and after school program. The facility is open at 6:30 a.m., and the children are transported to school, and then picked up in the afternoon and transported to the Richman and Commonwealth sites.

Mr. Lozano informed the committee of their successful "Cuffs" program, through Ladera Vista High School.

Committee Member Elliott questioned what the staff's priorities would be if their entire request was not granted. Mr. Campbell advised the order would be the counters, exterior lighting, interior wall removed and then the carpet.

Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Swimming Pool ($34,050)
Carole Bartholomew - Director of Development
Fred Johnson, Executive Director
Theresa Harvey - Administrative Director
Mike Lozano - Director of Teen Services
Elvin Campbell - Area Director

Ms. Bartholomew advised that the pool has cracks and other damage that should be fixed and not just patched up. Approximately 250 kids use the pool during the summer everyday.

Chairperson Brannock asked what the facility would do if they could not fully fund this project. Ms. Bartholomew said there would be repairs conducted, but would cost more to fix in the future.

Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Valencia Branch Salaries ($9,000)
Carole Bartholomew - Director of Development
Fred Johnson, Executive Director
Theresa Harvey - Administrative Director
Mike Lozano - Director of Teen Services
Elvin Campbell - Area Director

Ms. Bartholomew reported that last year's salary budget was $66,000, and this year it has been cut to $49,000. That is due to two positions being cut because of the budget. Staff became aware that another staff person was needed, so that is the reason for this request. If this request is not funded, the facility will have to take money from other areas.

Ms. Morad advised that staff will continue working with the Boys and Girls Club to help them prioritize and then report back to the committee. Safety issues will be top priority.

Civic Center Barrio - Let's R.A.P. ($22,000)
Mark Singleton - Property Manager

Mr. Singleton advised that this request is for Resident Awareness Program, which is a series of educational workshop classes. These classes are for residents of Civic Center Barrio Housing and the surrounding community. It is mandatory for the residents to attend. Each class has a theme: "Time to clean" is where the attendees receive cleaning products; tenant's rights; child safety, and harmful hazards in the home.

Chairperson Brannock asked if the instructors for these classes are paid. Mr. Singleton advised they are volunteers.

Chairperson Brannock asked what the funds would be used for. Mr. Singleton indicated to pay for products, supplies and staff salary.

Co-chairperson Jensen-Purser indicated that last year this project was not funded, and wanted to know if this program was implemented without CDBG funds. Mr. Singleton advised the program was not implemented in Fullerton, but one was implemented in Santa Ana.

Committee Member Elliott asked what happens when the tenants do not fix the repairs they are told to fix. Mr. Singleton said their agency has it fixed, and then a bill is sent to the tenant. But this has not been a problem.

Co-chairperson Jensen-Purser asked how many residents attend the meetings. Mr. Singleton advised all of them and also surrounding neighbors.

Committee Member Givens asked what happens if more people show up than the number of products they have to give. Mr. Singleton said that Civic-Center picks up the remaining costs.

Committee Member Strub commented that most of the services seem to benefit the management company. Mr. Singleton pointed out that they invite the surrounding community, so many individuals are benefited.

Council on Aging - Long Term Care Ombudsman Service ($18,000)
David Owen - Certified Ombudsman

Mr. Owen advised the committee that the city of Fullerton has 2,700 beds at skilled nursing facilities, long term residence facilities, and a couple adult facilities for disabled people. Staff visits these facilities unannounced, and handles any complaints between the facility, the family and the resident, with the resident being top priority.

Crittenton Services - Hope Counseling Center ($12,000)
Joyce Capelle - Executive Director

Ms. Capelle reported that the request was to renovate several rooms in an existing counseling center to make an art therapy/art studio for the children in their care.

The two buildings in the request are next to Angelo and Vinci's. One of the cottages has been converted to a counseling center and the kitchen in that facility is in need of repair.

Currently there are 52 children, 64 teenagers and another 40 children in foster homes. Mental health services are provided to approximately 100 - 150 people. Mental health services are available to the residents seven days a week which could include art therapy and recreation therapy.

There would be approximately 150-160 children surveyed, and this number is not duplicated. Several programs are available to siblings and parents of the children that have received residential treatment with this agency.

The agency envisions the kitchen to be completely gutted, with new linoleum, most of the cabinetry replaced, a hood vent would be removed, the cooking features would be removed and a simple island would be built.

Across from the kitchen is a dining room that would be renovated and in the living room, additional cabinetry would be added for storage.

Committee Member Elliott asked if all the anticipated sources were committed. Ms. Capelle advised that Unity Church ($1,000), Filicia Auxillary ($3,500), and In N Out ($7,500) are all committed.

Committee Member Strub excused himself from the meeting.

Fair Housing Council of Orange County - Fullerton Fair Housing Education, Counseling and Enforcement ($28,130)
David Levy - Housing Rights Advocate

Mr. Levy reported that this agency will serve approximately 18 households that make allegations of housing discrimination, and possibly as many as 25 allegations. Approximately 650 households with landlord/tenant issues will be served.

Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services - New Vista Shelter Life Skills Training ($12,000)
Barbara Johnson - Executive Director

Ms. Johnson advised this program helps homeless people by providing hands-on learning of necessary survival skills. Services that are provided are money management, shopping for value and nutrition, job seeking and keeping, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, and parenting classes.

Chairperson Brannock asked if Ms. Johnson could break down their request for $12,000. Ms. Johnson advised that these funds would be provided for the case manager.

Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services - Interfaith Shelter Network ($5,000)
Barbara Johnson - Executive Director

Ms. Johnson informed the committee that this program utilizes local churches to provide transitional shelter and supportive services to employable, homeless, single adults for up to 120 days. The clients receive food, case management, transportation assistance, life skills classes and employment assistance.

Chairperson Brannock asked what the funds would be going towards. Ms. Johnson advised it would be provided to the case manager to keep this program going. Everything else is on a volunteer basis.

Chairperson Brannock inquired as to how many people this program serves. Ms. Johnson advised twelve or less at a time, and they stay for 120 days, a total of 40 people for the year.

Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services - New Vista Renovation ($25,000)
Barbara Johnson - Executive Director
Scott Larson - BIA HomeAid

Ms. Johnson informed the committee that they plan to rebuild two garages and add a unit above it to house two families.

Mr. Larson advised that his agency provided a design that would be similar to what is needed on Amerige. Mr. Larson said his agency is working with the Planning Department to create what FIES envisions.

Mr. Larson described what they proposed on building, and that is to build a 1900 square foot single family home on the back of their existing property. A local builder, Brookfield Homes, will be the building captain and donating all of their supervision and management. A design team has already been established and is providing the preliminary design work, and is also donating their time. It is this agency's process to get as much donated as possible. This agency's projects can be anywhere from 40% - 60% donated.

Committee Member Elliott asked if any of the anticipated sources are confirmed. Ms. Johnson advised BMW ($14,800) and a couple thousand dollars of donations.

Chairperson Brannock asked how many families would be living in the new project. Mr. Larson advised two to three families, but the design is very flexible and is not completely confirmed. The plan is to have a bathroom in each bedroom.

Committee Member Elliott asked how many people to a bedroom. Ms. Johnson said it is usually a mom and two children.

Ms. Morad asked if this agency wanted to start by mid-summer. Mr. Larson advised that if the plans got through the City's process, it could start in July.

Ms. Morad advised that funds may not be available until as late as October of 2003. Mr. Larson advised that a lot of what is being done at this time does not require any fees. But if needed, the agency would hold the receipts until the funds are available from the City.

Council on Aging - Linkages Case Management ($10,000)
Stacia Milner - Site Manager

Ms. Milner advised that this agency is state funded and there are 34 sites in Southern California. The program is information and referral and case management. The difference in this agency is the service area is all of Orange County from Buena Park to San Clemente. The clients are anyone who is 18 years or older with a disability and seniors. The goal is to link seniors and disabled people with resources in the community to help them stay independent and active in their own homes.

If approved the funds would go towards salaries.

Chairperson Brannock asked what percentage of their clientele is low-income. Ms. Milner advised 90% of the clientele is low-income, but this agency would accept any income range.

Committee Member Sandy asked how many staff members there are. Ms. Milner advised two full-time members are funded by the state, each would assist 50 clients. With additional funds they would be able to hire additional staff members.

Staff includes Ms. Milner, Director, full-time; Clinical supervisor, LCSW part-time, and four case managers, part-time.

Co-chairperson Jensen-Purser asked what percentage of the clients that were seen last year out of total number seen were from Fullerton. Ms. Milner advised her estimate would not be accurate, but there are seven people on her waiting list that live in Fullerton. Ms. Milner advised that she could get an accurate number to Ms. Morad.

Helping Our Mentally Ill Experience Success - ($7,600)
Paula Neal Reza, Fund Development Director

Ms. Reza reported this program provides affordable and supportive housing to low-income adults with chronic mental illness. This agency has five houses, one in Fullerton, Anaheim, Almadena, and two in the City of Orange with a total of 28 residents.

Each resident has their own bedroom and share the living room, kitchen, and dining room. In the Fullerton residence there are six adults. There are four men and two women. Each resident pays $395 in rent that also covers their utilities. This includes $50 that is put into a savings account for them.

All residents are required to work, go to school, volunteer in another community based organization or participate in some mental health program or a combination of everything for at least 20 hours a week. They are responsible for their own shopping, cooking, budgeting, medications, and have cleaning chores around the house.

The program director and executive director meet with the residents twice a month to discuss their house and group relationships, household chores, and how they are spending their 20 hours a week.

The request for funding is for carpeting the interior of the Fullerton house.

The rent that is paid by the residents only pays approximately 55% of the actual cost of providing affordable housing and supportive services, the other 45% has to be raised from the community through individual donations, grants from private and corporate foundations, special events and some government funding.

Co-chairperson Jensen-Purser asked if there was a way to make the carpet last longer. Ms. Reza advised there is a lot of wear and tear and said that she is glad it has lasted as long as it has.

Co-chairperson Jensen-Purser asked if it is possible to put tile down. Ms. Reza said she is not sure the reason, but knows tile would not be appropriate for the members of the house.

Committee Member Elliott asked Ms. Morad why this agency was not funded last year. Ms. Morad advised that there were not enough funds. This agency also asked for painting last year.

Chairperson Brannock questioned if there were any other sources anticipated. Ms. Reza said not at this time because other grants do not cover rehab costs, so it would have to come from the general operating dollars. The only funding this agency received is program dollars for alumni support program, but this year this agency is on a waiting list.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.