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On-line Access to Permits

On-line Access to Permits

In order to better serve our customers we're making some changes:

  • Microfilm Access Improvements

We are in the process of converting our historical Building Permit files to a digital format. This will allow you to browse permit records via the Internet. Because of copyright laws, only permits will be viewable via the Internet. Plans stamped by a professional (architect, engineer, etc.) must still be viewed at our offices.

During this process portions of our microfilm library may be unavailable for same-day viewing at our public counter. Please contact us at (714)738-6541 to be sure the files you need are available before you visit us. If your files happen to be out for conversion we can order them for you, usually within 24 hours.

Permits are archived by Street name and Address.  At the link below, you will find three folders.  To research all permits for an address, you should check within each folder.

View Microfilm Online (this is not yet a complete library)