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City Manager Joe Felz

City Manager Joe Felz

City Manager Joe Felz
City Manager, Joe Felz

The City Manager Department consists of a single program - the City Manager's Office. This program focuses on the management of citywide operations, policy development, fiscal planning, and public information and communications.

Joe Felz was appointed Fullerton City Manager in May 2011. He is the seventh person to hold the City's top administrative post since its incorporation in 1904.

Felz came to work for the City of Fullerton in 1984. In 1987, he was promoted to Community Services Supervisor and placed in charge of the Department's Cultural and Events Division. In that capacity, he oversaw the renovation of numerous public facilities and implementation of new programming. Felz was also responsible for starting many popular city-wide events such as the outdoor Fullerton Market, the "First Night Fullerton" New Year's Eve celebration, and the annual July 4 "Community Fireworks Show and Festival." His assignments also included working closely with the Fullerton business community on revitalization efforts in the downtown Fullerton district.

In 2005, Felz was named Assistant to the City Manager, and to the post of Parks and Recreation Director (formerly, Community Services) two years later. In those capacities Felz oversaw the City's community service, recreation, cultural and social service programs, federal and state legislative efforts, and a departmental operating budget of more than $6 million annually.

In his term as Parks and Recreation Director numerous public improvement projects were completed, including major renovation of the City’s park system with over $65,000,000 in investments. Projects included the new Fullerton Community Center, Lion’s Field, Richman Park, Lemon Park, and many other neighborhood parks and facilities.

During his tenure as City Manager, Felz has successfully balanced the City’s finances, overseen the dissolution of the former Redevelopment Agency, and refocused efforts to address needed infrastructure improvements. Felz developed several new partnerships and initiatives to create more efficiencies in local government, including the successful merger of the Fire Department Command staff of the Brea and Fullerton Fire Departments. Recently, Felz has led the effort toward the formation of a citywide economic development program.

Felz, a California native, holds both bachelor (1982) and master (1985) degrees in sociology from California State University, Fullerton. Felz and his wife Kathleen, a photographer, live in Fullerton. They have two daughters.

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