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Technology Task Force Final Report

Technology Task Force Final Report

A. The Role of Public Policy in Determining Technological Leadership

Recommendation 1
The Task Force recommends that the City of Fullerton create and update bi-annually a statement of public policy regarding the role it expects technology to play in its relationship with its various constituencies.

Information technology in the form of cost-effective, citizen-friendly, e-government services; technology infrastructure in the form of very high-speed telecommunications; and a technologically literate workforce are key components in the development and maintenance of a modern, vibrant, community. Therefore, the City should periodically review the nature of the leadership role that it intends to play with its citizens, businesses, and educational institutions in fostering and supporting technology-intensive economic development, educational and governmental services. Development of a policy can assist the City in making decisions regarding when and where to invest limited tax and redevelopment dollars in technological infrastructure that will create an environment attractive to its citizens and businesses.

The formulation of a policy will affect the actions which the City takes regarding the attraction and retention of technology-related businesses. Many factors need to be weighed in determining which specific types of technology and knowledge-based businesses are desirable and compatible with the City's plans for economic development. Housing, land use and availability, commercial office and industrial space availability, transportation, educational and training programs, health care institutions, zoning, venture capital, proximity to other similar businesses and business support, telecom infrastructure, and a vibrant Downtown are all potentially important factors.

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