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TWG Minutes - September 13, 2007




September 13, 2007

9:00 A.M.



Chair Burtner called the meeting to order at 9:16 a.m.


ROLL CALL                     Members Present

                                                Roger Burtner, Chair            Robb Port

                                                Mike Carter                            Edward Smith

                                                Helen Hall                              


                                                Members Absent

                                                Tony Anderson                      Madusha Palliyage

                                                Fred Canfield                        Carl Samantello

                                                Steve Giano                           Paul Stover, Vice Chair

                                                Larry Iboshi


                                                Staff:  Robert Ferrier, Acting Assistant to the City Manager





The minutes from the previous meeting were not available, so approval was postponed to the next meeting.




Chair Burtner began the meeting with Discussion Item 2.


2.  Citywide Wireless


Report on wireless options.  Proposal from ESC, Alvarion Reseller


Chair Burtner indicated that in follow-up to two meetings that he and City staff had with ESC, a quote had been received from ESC which included 10 repeater sites, four base stations, and supporting equipment for the 10 repeater sites for a total estimated infrastructure cost of $132,200.  For mobile installations, they came up with a cost of $4,000 per unit (60 vehicles @ $4,000 = $240,000).   For the infrastructure annual support, the estimated cost was 25% of the infrastructure cost, which would be $33,050 per year for all of the base stations and repeaters, plus $1,000 per year per mobile unit.  Chair Burtner stated that the 25% might be negotiable.  Ms. Hall noted that typically support is about 20%, and goes up 5% plus CPI each year.


Chair Burtner mentioned that he had learned of an RFP about to be issued by the City of Fullerton for a downtown hardwired closed circuit TV surveillance system (8 cameras) for an estimated cost of $585,000, and asked why that system could not be a part of the citywide wireless system.


Mr. Ferrier pointed out that the RFP had already been issued and the contract award was to be presented to Council at the September 18 meeting.   Ms. Hall stated that she had heard the item was being pulled from the agenda.


Chair Burtner expressed concern that the City would be paying $585,000 for a surveillance system, when the money would more than pay for the citywide wireless system, and the surveillance system could be added to the citywide network.  Chair Burtner pointed out that the City had directed him and Helen Hall to attend the wireless conference in Tempe, AZ, last February and to come back with a definitive recommendation regarding wireless in Fullerton, and that he has asked on numerous occasions about how to get their recommendations before Council, and the item has been pushed off repeatedly.  He noted that the City is now considering a hardwired system in downtown Fullerton, and that project has the potential to impact the project assigned to the TWG, and suggested that possibly some discussion of the potential overlap should be discussed.  It was agreed that Chair Burtner and Mr. Ferrier should meet with the City Manager to discuss the situation. 


1.   Creation of an educational/municipal (institutional) fiber/wireless network, FullertonNet


Consultant for RFP/RFI and project timetable


Chair Burtner reported that he had not been able to coordinate a date with the consultant to meet with TWG members because members representing the school district were not available until after September 18th, and it appeared it would be too difficult to confirm one date.  He indicated that his approach at this point is to get in touch with Phil Clark of Paxio again to work up the numbers for ongoing costs for the system, which is what the school district is requiring before making any type of commitment.


In follow-up to the discussion at the last TWG meeting regarding questionable information about $500,000 of E-rate funds being available to wire schools, Chair Burtner reported that he had learned there is, in fact, a clause in the FCC regarding E-rate permits that allows a telco or an agency that has a SPIN number, that also qualifies for E-rate funds, to obtain up to $500,000 in E-rate funds to wire schools – not within a given campus, but between campuses – to put in fiber and lease it to the schools.  He noted that how easy it is, or difficult it is, to get that money is unknown at this time.  He suggested that the TWG could possibly use the consultant (Crose) to help write a proposal to the E-Rate agency and then possibly help write the RFP for the I-Net construction.  Helen Hall pointed out that with technology the City is not required to take the lowest bidder.  They have the option of selecting who meets the specifications or has the best proven track record in the industry itself, i.e., best value rather than lowest bid. 


Progress report for City Council


Nothing to report at this time.


Memorandum of Understanding


Mr. Ferrier indicated there was nothing further to report.  He indicated that until there was some buy-in from the school districts, there was no point in expending any energy on the MOU.  He stated that at such time as the school districts are happy with the numbers (ongoing operating costs) presented to them and are ready to commit to the project, he would be able to generate the MOU in a short period of time.




To be determined.








Chair Burtner announced that he had attended the National Wireless Summit and Expo for cities and communities held at UCLA (September 11-12).   He learned that the City of Chicago has just canceled their wireless initiative, City of Los Angeles has hired a consultant to do a feasibility study with regards to wireless, and Anaheim reported that Earthlink has pulled all of their people out of Anaheim.  Helen Hall stated that she had heard that the wireless projects Earthlink has been involved with have not been successful.   Mr. Ferrier reported that at a recent League of California Cities convention, in a workshop on wireless and municipalities, he learned that Earthlink was brought up and the story was that they have had zero success in other locations. 


Chair Burtner noted that he learned there is a company that analyzes 900 jurisdictions in terms of wireless, including monitoring the RFPs that are issued, and they report that RFP momentum is slowing.  A possible explanation is that the expectations for citywide WiFi have exceeded what can be delivered.


Mike Carter stated that he thought part of the reason the projects are not working is there is just not enough demand or applications for it.  He suggested that there may be increased demand in the future, as alternatives to cellular phones become available along with other wireless-type devices, but not right now.  He noted that it makes perfect sense for a city to have wireless connectivity in the place they do business for the purpose of business -- but not for the general public.


Chair Burtner described several other applications that he learned about at the Wireless Summit and Expo that can be used on wireless networks.  RedSky has created software that enables any vehicle or monitor connected to a wireless network to see what any other vehicle with a camera connected to the network is filming.  Shot Spotter has created a system of sensors connected to a wireless network that can triangulate on gunshot sounds within seconds and determine not only where the shot occurred within a few feet, but also the type of source including gun caliber based on its sound signature.  3dh Technology demonstrated what appeared to be revolutionary 3-dimensional holographic images and claims to be working with LG Electronics to display them on TV sets without the need for special glasses.  Numerous applications for the technology were demonstrated.




With no further business, Chair Burtner asked for a motion to adjourn.  The motion to adjourn was made by Robb Port and seconded by Mike Carter.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 a.m. with unanimous approval. 


The next meeting date will be October 11.

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