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Fullerton, CA… Burt Allen is a Fullerton firefighter.  His wife, Sue, has been battling non small cell lung cancer since March 2005. 

 In support of Sue and Burt and to raise awareness of and funds for cancer research and treatment, all Fullerton firefighters wore and sold pink “Give Cancer the Boot” t-shirts, raising nearly $12,000 during the month of October.  In addition each Fullerton Fire Engine was decaled with a Cancer Awareness Logo.

Funds were donated to the Vanguard Cancer Foundation at a check presentation event last week. 

“Cancer research and treatment is not only a timely and worthy cause but it is particularly near and dear to us in Fullerton as we support one of our own whose wife is currently battling this terrible disease,” said John Miller, Fire Engineer, Station 5 in Fullerton.

 Added Miller, “the Fire Department prides itself on camaraderie and family-- and in life, we are all brothers and sisters. If our efforts can help save the life of one cancer patient then we have all made a difference.”

About Vanguard Cancer Foundation
Vanguard Cancer Foundation (VCF, founded in 1995 by Loretta Stamos, mother of actor John Stamos), advocates for a more personalized and intelligent approach to cancer care.  The mission of VCF is to inform and educate patients and the general public about the benefits of assay-directed treatment and to support research projects that advance this work.  For more than four decades, chemotherapy has been administered based on standard protocols – a “one size fits all” approach; however, tests are available to assess how an individual will respond to various chemotherapies before treatment begins. These tests, called “functional profile assays,” can help patients and their physicians identify treatment plans tailored for the individual. For more information on VCF and functional profile assays, go to and

About Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. With 160,340 estimated deaths in 2012. The 5-year survival for all stages of this disease is 14%, with only 7% of Stage III & Stage IV (advanced & metastatic) alive at 5 years. Although cigarette smoking is commonly associated with this disease, a growing number of non-smoking patients are being diagnosed.  Lung cancer represents a major public health issue.