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MWD to begin fluoridating drinking water supplies
Contact :Metropolitan Water District    (800) 354-4420
City of Fullerton Water Quality Specialist, Engineering Department    (714) 738-6896

The City of Fullerton has been notified by the Metropolitan Water District that the MWD will begin fluoridating its water supplies in October.


The district, which provides 25 percent of Fullerton’s drinking water annually, has elected to begin fluoridation of its drinking water supplies to a level considered “optimal” by health agencies for reducing and controlling tooth decay.


Currently the water purchased by Fullerton from the MWD is provided primarily to consumers in the northern portions of the city, but may be provided to consumers in the central portion depending upon water demands.  Consumers in the southern portion of the city only receive water pumped from wells.


The MWD will adjust the fluoride level to the recommended optimum range of 0.7 to 0.8 parts per million (ppm).  By contrast, the City’s groundwater has naturally occurring levels of fluoride ranging from 0.3 to 0.5 ppm.


Fluoridation of water is not a new concept, and water agencies throughout the nation have been adding fluoride to their water supplies for decades.


Customers who do not wish to drink fluoridated water can purchase home treatment units that use reverse osmosis membrane filtration to effectively remove the fluoride.  A list of state-certified water treatment devices may be found at


Further information about the MWD’s plan to fluoridate its drinking water supplies may be obtained by calling the Metropolitan Water Quality Information Hotline at (800) 354-4420, or by logging onto the MWD website at


Further information may also be obtained by calling the City of Fullerton Water Quality Specialist at (714) 738-6896. 


Information about the benefits of fluoridated drinking water may be obtained by logging onto the American Dental Association website at